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Is this the LA Galaxy's new jersey?

LA Galaxy jersey



The LA Galaxy look to be keeping the sash. It will just come with a few alterations.

Todosobrecamisetas.com, a website with a history of leaking accurate jerseys before they’re released, dropped images on Thursday of what is believed to be the new Galaxy home jersey. The jersey includes the sash from the left shoulder to right hip the Galaxy have sported the past two years, but it is striped as opposed to solid and fades from a royal blue to a navy blue.

Other differences are the yellow and black outlines along the sleeves, neck and shoulders. There is also what appears to be a “This is LA” patch on the bottom left side of the jersey.

Here are a few more images of the jersey:

LA Galaxy jersey 2 LA Galaxy jersey 3



What do you think of the jersey? Like the striped sash? Are you fond of the color scheme?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Citizen

    The design is outstanding. I see they are keeping remnants of the old Galaxy sash from the 90’s.


  • kev

    how come shirt sponsors aren’t used in NBA/NHL/MLB/NFL?

    isn’t it weird that the Euros started this when considering how PRO capitalistic we americans are?


    • QuakerOtis

      Cool design. Hope the Quakes’ new kit is just as nice.

      Studied a lot of political and social science myself. Your comment hits on a pretty common thing on studies at the inersection of sports/society/culture/whatever.

      These are indeed the “fuzzy sciences”, but it seems fairly clear that sports acts as a resevoir of (and thus a periodic outlet for) supressed or unrealized social phenomena. Hence US sports fans acting like “we’re all in it together” when it comes to their tream, Europeans acting as cut throat, winner-take all types in their prmotion-relegation structure, and all the racist/nationalist groups with strong showings in some European supporters’ groups.

      Of course, to most of us, it’s just a game we love to watch.


      • Alex

        Interesting stuff. Is there a specific article/study that you recommend checking out?


    • fischy

      The NFL would rather advertise its own product then shill for a Ponzi scheme currently under federal investigation.


    • Wansteiger

      Because there are no commercial timeouts in soccer so they have to get revenue from elsewhere.


      • beto

        and every MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL game has 100+ commercials every other minute or anytime a player gets tired. plus they advertise all over the field/court/ice


    • yankiboy

      It’s already happening in the WNBA. My local club, the Washington Mystics are an example.

      I don’t know if it will make it’s way to the more established leagues or not but if it does, I bet that it would probably be the NBA.


      • chuck

        Mexican Baseball teams are covered with advertisement. Same with German hockey teams.

        The reason why other American sports don’t do it is because they get insane amounts of money from the sport clothes manufacturer. The manufacturer wants to showcase their product and other ads will only make it ugly. Besides, the fans of those sports aren’t used to it and would reject the stuff right away.

        I could buy a soccer jersey with a couple sponsors, but a NFL one, never.


  • Yogi

    I happen to like it. It’s not “cookie cutter” and it’s not horrible… A good balance.


  • nasl to el paso tx

    Not bad but there’s too much white used as the home jersey for mls teams. MLS needs diversty just luke the nba and nfl do it with colors.
    By.the way, they should remodel stub hub center since LA is the big dog in MLS.


    • soccerhorn

      el paso what on earth are you talking about? Stub Hub Center is a new stadium. It’s beautiful. You should go some time. You could watch one of the four teams that wear white.


    • Joe Soccer

      With the exception of “special occasions” the home team in the NBA always wears white or some other light color. The NFL give the home team the choice to wear their “colors” or their whites with the visitors wearing the other, and most NFL teams choose to wear their colored jerseys, which means the visitors usually wear white. In the NHL the rule used to be that the home team always wore white, but they changed that several years ago to now the visiting team always wears white and the home team wears their colors. In baseball there is no hard and fast rule, but most team’s “normal” home uniforms are either white or gray.


  • Good Jeremy

    Simple, but classy. I like it.
    Their black jersey from last year needs to die a violent death.


  • Alex H

    Minor gripe. The stars should be a different color as the white striping camouflages the white / silver stars. Other than that it is really good.

    Major gripe Mike Magee won’t be wearing one.


  • Christian

    I posted this on Twitter, but I do think this jersey is almost as bad as Liverpool’s away kit!


    • soccerhorn

      +1. Actually, no, I take that back. While the jersey is indeed awful, I do feel that Miss Universe looks good with a sash.


  • beto

    MLS jerseys should have stars for every MLS Cup and SS… why not they have the room right…


  • papi grande

    Digging the jersey!…great design!…the striped sash is cool!…only adjustment i would make is keeping the striped sash navy blue throughout! Overall though, well done Galaxy. First a USL PRO team for, now a great jersey for 2014!


  • nic d "the tx 2 stepper"

    I wish the US MNT would just go with an alternating 13 Red/Wht striped sash.

    “The Sash” is 2 school 4 cool!


    • Good Jeremy

      Every US jersey will look dumb until we start winning.
      Once we win, the hoops would be unique, the collared jersey would be classy, the plain whites would be simple yet elegant, etc. We’d get behind anything if it ties us back to a successful tournament.
      There’s a reason that Brasil and Italy fans don’t complain about how plain their jerseys are.


  • Jkuan

    Creative and I love the design that have stripped Sash blue on top was awesome, n darker on bottom will be navy. It really nice 🙂 keep it nice work!!!


  • clothes

    very nice site good looking your site nice posting thanks for sharing information good color your site i read it i enjoy this blog.


  • Hammer

    If there was a basketball on the end of the stripes it would be the Phoenix Suns in the 90s


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