UEFA Champions League

Arsenal 0, Bayern Munich 2: Match Highlights

ArjenRobbenBayernMunich1-Arsenal2014UCL (Getty)

  • Travis

    Ozil was a massive let down today, something like a 53% pass completion rate, missed a PK and was not helpful tracking back.


    • biff

      Starting Ozil was a massive mistake. But not taking him out of the game after Szczesny saw red but instead pulling out Carzola was just plain stupid of Wenger. There was one scene in the second half, I think when Robben danced around Ozil who was standing motionless legs straight and not bent like he was on a street corner, after Robben beat him two Arsenal defenders, I think Koscielny and Monreal looked at each and you could read the disgust on their faces.

      I saw it coming and will repeat, Ozil should be left in London for the Munich game. He is not capable of fighting against his German national team buddies. Would rather lob Neuer a soccer ball.



    • biff

      And will add that bad pass Ozil made in the first half directly at Lahm, his German national team captain, with no Arsenal player within 10 miles of where he passed it. That was weird, like a Freudian slip.


      • Increase0

        Hah, ya I saw that. It was like heyyy buddy… ah crap. Lahn was the only player on that side of the field.


  • Snack Time

    The commentator needs to learn how to pronounce “Kroos” properly. Like the English word “Gross”, but with a K and a longer O. Sounds like he wants to pronounce “Kreus”. Getting his Germans mixed up.


  • Paul Miller

    I’m not saying the PK on Robben getting whacked was a bad call, but just pointing out how much has changed with respect to calls on keepers. Robben came in toward Szczesny with the boot up, and Szczesny was protecting himself by ducking. Clearly didn’t touch the ball and did make contact with the attacker, but there was a time when that never would have been called.


    • Travis

      Think FIFA needs to revisit that entire rule. A foul in the box like that denies a goal chance shouldnt be punished three times (PK, ejection, suspension), it should just be a yellow and a PK to me.


    • Increase0

      What I don’t get is the total denial that people get red cards for things. Last year when Nani kicked someone in the chest it was the same thing.
      Apparently neither that nor this were red cards.


  • Fredo

    I love ragged soccer if it’s my team and we win. But, damn it’s wonderful to see beautiful moments as the ones Bayern delivered.


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