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Must-See Title Celebration: Bayern Munich

    • Ian

      Looks like Paulaner Hef. It’s not bad. And I’m sure it tastes especially good after winning the Bundesliga.


  • TheFrenchOne

    the slowmo pouring of the beer at the 2:00 mark was a bit too erotic for my taste… and we didn’t get to see the GoPro cam strapped to the beer mug in action!


  • Xanadu

    wasn’t it a few years ago where Ribery complained that since he was a Muslim he didn’t appreciate them dumping beer all over him?


    • Ian

      Yes! I was just going to make the same comment. I think that was last year. I remember the irony of it all because, you know, Ribery has a taste for underage prostitutes, but NO ALCOHOL.


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