World Cup 2014

SBI World Cup Man of the Match: James Rodriguez

JamesRodriguezColombia1-IvoryCoastWorldCup2014 (Getty)


Colombia and the Ivory Coast were locked in a scoreless battle of nerves. Both teams pressed forward relentlessly, and both teams failed to break through.

At last in the 64th minute, somebody did. Colombian star James Rodríguez put Colombia ahead with a booming header, opening the flood gates. Two more goals were scored in one of the best of the World Cup games so far, as Colombia grabbed a crucial 2-1 win.

Rodríguez took the corner kicks throughout the first half, as Colombia tried to create chances off of short set pieces. Moving into the box in the second half, he was able to change the game and earn the SBI Man of the Match award.

Six minutes after Rodríguez scored, Juan Quintero sealed the win for Los Cafeteros, who are now on the verge of reaching the Round of 16 for the first time since 1990.

Rodríguez wins Man of the Match honors over Quintero and Gervinho, who scored for the Ivory Coast on a breathtaking solo effort.


What did you think of Rodríguez’s performance today? Was someone else more deserving of the Man of the Match award, in your opinion?

Share your thoughts below.

  • KNPonder

    Yepes deserves some consideration. He was everywhere. Did very well against both Bony and Drogba. Thought Gervinho and Cuadrado were the most dangerous guys out there today.


  • Mr_A

    My vote goes to Gervinho, for a badass goal. But if you have to find someone on the winning team… it was probably Quintero, rolling around on the field for 10 minutes that pulled Colombia’s feet out from the fire…


  • Tony in Quakeland

    Through two games, he is probably the most impressive younger player of the Cup.


    • beachbum

      good call, have to agree. had hardly seen him play before but had read about him like everyone, and he’s been delivering in a classic role. fun player to watch.
      and look no further than Quintero on his own team for another young stud who showed beautifully in his moments of opportunity.

      thought Cuadrado was great today


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