The SBI Show: Episode 158 (Talking USMNT friendlies, previewing MLS Week 24, and more)

Clint Dempsey


The remaining 2014 schedule for the U.S. Men’s National Team is rounding into shape, and the latest episode of The SBI Show takes a look at the scheduled friendlies, and more.

Episode 158 of The SBI Show discusses the recently-announced USMNT friendlies against Ecuador and Ireland, as well as the need for another high-profile friendly to replace the proposed Colombia friendly that fell through.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss a wide range of topics in this longer-than-usual episode, including DeAndre Yedlin’s move to Tottenham, the upcoming English Premier League season, and a look ahead to MLS Week 24. We also answer some questions in the latest SBI Show Q&A.

Give Episode 158 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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  • scweeb

    Laughing at the Dutch league cause that seems to be where every American should go. . . . Is it really the league or is it Earnie Stewart?


    • Increase0

      The dutch play wonderful soccer.

      Ajax beat Barcelona in spain last year despite no where near the talent. They just know the game.


  • AMPhibian

    Congrats about the new partner for SBI.

    I wish that I could exclaim that last sentence, but my will has slowly been sapped away since witnessing the events of episode 139. Soon my voice will be a cold sigh, my body, a haggard husk. This cross has become too burdensome for my weak and sunburned shoulders.

    Something about Scarfgate, something about forgotten contests…


      • AMPhibian

        When the 30 man USMNT roster was announced, I think my contest submission had only two differences from it, which was better than anyone else’s in the comments section, according to my feverish calculations at the time. However, on a later podcast, Ives and Garrett laughed at the fact that the person pestering them to announce the results of the contest (me?) hadn’t even won. At some point along the way–shortly after they said that–I stopped caring who won, and knew that my fight was bigger than myself. I pestered for justice, and integrity. Now though, my hands have callused over from the struggle, and I no longer feel that great sense of purpose that once drove me to the grandest heights. Oh well, at least this part of the saga will be a real tear jerker when it’s turned into a big budget hollywood film.


      • AMPhibian

        Maybe the prize has already been sent and delivered, and they simply forgot to announce the winner. That’s best case scenario at this point!
        Who among you has received this prize, step forward, and declare yourself!
        I only want to shake your hand, ruffle your hair, congratulate you, and whisper into your ear that I will be your opponent for life, and for what dreams may come after.


      • Increase0

        Stare dreamily into their eyes while listening to their heart beat. Let out a gentle sigh knowing that now is the last peace either of you will have while both still draw breath?


  • Sax_man

    Are you guys going to start talking about the CONCACAF Champions league next show? I would like that you talk about the tournament more and do previews. I feel you guys have covered the Copa Lib more than the CONCACAF Champions league.


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