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Olave suspended two matches for violent conduct

Jamison Olave

Photo by ISIPhotos.com


Support him or not, Jamison Olave’s behavior has cost the New York Red Bulls dearly for the next two weeks.

The Major League Soccer Disciplinary Committee announced on Friday afternoon that Olave had been fined an undisclosed amount and suspended two matches for “violent conduct toward an opponent” during the second half of the Red Bulls 1-1 draw with Real Salt Lake last Wednesday.

In the 77th minute, both Olave and RSL forward Olmes Garcia exchanged words and video replay suggests that Olave may have hit Garcia below the belt. Garcia felt the hit and produced a theatrical dive, which only earned himself a yellow card from referee Mark Geiger, while Olave escaped punishment.

In addition to this, both Tim Cahill and Javier Morales have been fined by the Disciplinary Committee “for violating the League’s policy regarding hands to the face/head of an opponent.” Their incident occurred just seconds after Olave and Garcia were seen arguing with one another.


What do you think of this news? Disappointed in the suspension? Agree with it? Think it’s too long? Should Geiger be punished for not sending off Olave?

Share your thoughts below.

  • H-Town

    Have to say, under no circumstances is it okay to touch another man’s junk on the soccer field. Notice I didn’t say “football pitch”. That’s because I’m ‘Murican unlike those Euro weiner-grabbers! (Cracks open a cold one)


  • Brian.MLS

    That’s nuts! You can’t touch balls with your hands in soccer. Everyone knows that!


  • slowleftarm

    Olave shouldn’t be doing stuff like that obviously but Garcia’s reaction was far more egregious in my opinion – a complete embarrassment. I think one game would’ve been sufficient for Olave but admittedly I’m not exactly unbiased.


  • Joamiq

    Consistent with Dempsey, but two games is silly in either case.

    Still have no idea what Garcia was doing.


    • iggy

      If during their next meeting, Dempsey and Olave do this to each other, on the same play, does that cancel each other out?


  • twitter @jimithoughts

    Overheard by others… Referee Mark Geiger quoted the Georgia Satellites song to Jamison Olave: “Don’t hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself”


  • Jimmy Bobo

    Everyone knows that Olave actually went through Med School and did a Urology Residency. He’s a pecker-checker. Only doing his job.


  • TheSoccerDude

    RSL STH here. It didn’t look like much from Olave, and looked like Garcia was faking. I saw the replay and still have the same feeling.

    A “talking to” and “fine” would have been ok. No need to suspend Olave.

    Garcia? That guy dives all the time and its soooo lame to have to watch.


  • wiger toods

    Sorry, but if you want to get this stuff out of the game, suspend them both for 5 games. Guarantee it won’t happen again – the grabbing or the stop drop and role fire drill.


  • Brain Guy

    Two games is silly. One game or maybe a fine would be enough. If Olave gets two games, Farcua should get one game for that ridiculous acting. He had time to push Olave, and then remembered to do the drop and writhe routine.


  • Bklyn

    I guess. Olave’s transgression is on camera.

    I was more embarrassed by the quadruple-revolution barrel roll executed by Garcia — who then proceeded to stay on the ground kicking the turf. Garcia had every right to be outraged, but he wasn’t hurt. It was hardly Vinnie Jones v. Paul Gascoine. (Google it if you don’t know.)

    Garcia’s first instinct, which is what you’d do on the street, was to push back and get in the guy’s face. But then he crumples like a 9-year-old girl who’s not allowed to watch any more “My Little Pony.” And he gets Olave suspended for two games.


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