Perry Kitchen named Hearts captain


Perry Kitchen hasn’t been with Hearts of Midlothian very long, but the U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder is set to assume the ultimate leadership role with the Scottish club.

Hearts announced on Wednesday that manager Robbie Neilson has appointed Kitchen as club captain for the 2016-17 season. Kitchen, who becomes the first American to captain the club, joined the Jambos back in March after leaving D.C. United

“I’ve been impressed by Perry’s attitude, desire and, of course, his performances from day one,” Neilson said. “He’s a natural and leads by example both on and off the park. He’s also a really good player and will inspire those around him to reach the highest standards. Ideally, we want 11 captains on the pitch every week.

“In recent times we’ve had Don Cowie lead the team out and Alim Ozturk skippered us to third place last season, so there’s that experience already there that will help us through games. I’d like to thank Alim for the huge part he played, and will continue to play, in helping the team to the top end of the league. It’s now Perry’s time to take over that responsibility and I’ve absolutely no doubt that he will flourish in the role of Hearts captain.”

Since making the move to Hearts, Kitchen has featured in 19 matches. The club returns to action on Saturday against Ross County.

  • Jamie Z.

    “[T]he ultimate leadership role with the Scottish club”? Supreme Dictator for Life? I, for one, welcome our new Hearts overlord.

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  • Old School

    I believe Ives commented that Perry Kitchen was a future captain for the national team years ago. While that may never come to fruition, he certainly did spot the leadership traits back when he was coming out of college.

    SBI is always better with his opinion, insight and contributions. Too bad they’re so infrequent now.

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      • Ronniet

        I wouldn’t say he’s absent from the site, he definitely pops up from time to time to contribute to articles or people comments. It’s called hiring competent and capable people to help run the site, which is what most businesses do. If you’re the CEO or the owner of a business you hire folks capable of running the day to day side of things affording you the opportunity to focus on other things or making the company better. Doesn’t mean he’s not over seeing or dictating behind the scenes, you’d be a fool to think that wasn’t the case


      • Old School

        It’s called hiring competent and capable people to help run the site, which is what most businesses do.

        A contentious point by most non-fool readers. In fact, since his focus shifted to Goal.com he’s openly admitted the quality of the site isn’t what he would like and vowed for it’s improvement.

        To be clear, no one is blaming him for the unmistakable absenteeism. He’s a good guy and when he contributes it brings up the quality of the website. When he doesn’t – there’s a noticeable drop off. That was the entire premise of the non-confrontational post a few of you chose to get your panties in a bunch about.


  • Hunky Dory

    Not sure how this article turned into a referendum on Ives. He’s the editor in chief and reads and approves everything on the site. He just doesn’t by-line the articles. Instead he helps his young staff get their careers started. Good for him I say.

    As for Perry Kitchen – Hearts is as proud and storied a club as any in Scotland, including the Old Firm. They suffered under incompetent ownership during the 00’s, and now they’re making great strides and returning to the standard their supporters deserve. Good for Kitchen for taking such an important role. Go Hearts.


    • Old School

      Having difficulty understanding why Ives was referenced (in a flattering way) within this thread isn’t surprising from the person who made a Hilter reference in the story about Donovan considering a return to the USMNT.

      Too much jig dancing, apparently.


      • Lost in Space

        Claudio Reyna was the first US Player to captain a European club team when he was named the Captain of Wolfsburg in 1997. He left for Rangers in halfway through the 1998-1999 season. This was the only time he was a captain in Europe.
        Brian McBride captained Fulham in 2007 until his departure in May 2008.
        Carlos Bocanegra, AKA: Boca; was the captain @ Fulham in 2008, and again at Saint-Étienne in 2011 (on a temporary basis). He last captained the Rangers side in 2012.
        Dolo was the captain of Hanover in 2011 and held it until 2014 when he retired.
        Kitchen is the latest American to Captain a European club
        IMO Brooks, Pulisic, & CCV have the right qualities to potentially become Captains, but they need more experience before they take that kind of step.


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