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Video: Jurgen Klinsmann gives thanks for "amazing ride" with USMNT

Photo by Trevor Ruszkowski/USA Today Sports

Photo by Trevor Ruszkowski/USA Today Sports

Despite being fired as head coach and technical director of the U.S. Men’s National Team, Jurgen Klinsmann bowed out gracefully.

The 52-year-old took to Facebook to post a video on his page to give thanks for the “amazing ride” during his tenure and to express his gratitude to the players and fans.

Klinsmann also wished the USMNT good luck in qualifying for the World Cup, while also saying he was “convinced” the team would have turned it around under his tutelage.

Watch the full video below.

  • AMPhibian

    That was cool of him. Even though I–and many–wanted him out, I’m thankful for the passion and effort he put into the national team. I sent him a little thank you tweet.


  • Gary Page

    I know a lot of people don’t like this guy and think he is arrogant. However, when I watch his Q & A’s on his Facebook page I have never seen any of those qualities complained about. I think he comes across as genuine and without pretense.

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    • Nate Dollars

      maybe he’s just genuinely arrogant 🙂 although i would call him more “condescending” than anything else (see: any of his responses about how “it’s nice that this country has started caring about soccer” as a deflection of criticism).

      i also think that he comes across a lot better on video than on transcript (not surprising for someone speaking a second language).

      i wasn’t surprised that he made this video, as he’s known for being a class guy wherever he’s gone, but i was a little disappointed that his comments about “people who don’t understand soccer” weren’t his last words—that would’ve been entirely appropriate.


      • Concorde

        It would have been, because it’s true that Americans in general don’t understand the game of soccer so well yet.


      • Nate Dollars

        actually, americans in general probably don’t even know who klinsmann is, so him saying that those were the people criticizing him would be simply yet another example of him clumsily using an ad hominem argument to deflect blame. it was infuriating the first few times he did it (lord knows the eurosnobs shouldn’t be encouraged), but in the end, it just got tiresome.


    • usfan123

      JK is a US Soccer nightmare period. He added nothing to US Soccer only anger and frustration during 5 years +. I mentioned this prior 2014 but big “asshole” Gulati keeps wasting money on stupid JK.


  • Terrence Osbourne

    I have been brutal at times on the guy but that was absolute class. Well done JK please no CONCACAF jobs until after 2018.


    • Paul Miller

      That was classy. However, regarding your no CONCACAF jobs, I’d be alright with the Costa Ricans or the Mexicans hiring him.


  • shaggie96

    I’m probably in the minority at this point, but I’m going to miss Jurgen. He didn’t get enough credit for the positives and too much blame for the negatives. I wish him the best and have the utmost appreciation for his efforts, even if they weren’t everything I’d hoped.


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