Report: Adu weighing offers from Poland, Asia


Freddy Adu’s offseason stint with the Portland Timbers didn’t produce a contract offer, and it appears another move abroad may be on the horizon.

Goal USA is reporting that Adu is considering offers from Poland and Asia as he once again searches for a new club. Adu reportedly received an offer from Polish second-division club Sandecja Nowy Sacz on Tuesday, but has yet to accept it.

The Polish club released a statement Monday confirming negotiations with Adu while adding that the club had been unwilling to meet his financial demands.

Asia remains another option for the 27-year-old midfielder. Adu reportedly considered a move to South Korea before moving to Brazil’s Bahia in 2013.

Most recently, Adu was a member of the Tampa Bay Rowdies but played just 13 league matches for the club. The midfielder joined the Timbers for the preseason with the hopes of securing an MLS contract, but the team opted not to bring Adu on permanently.



  • TheFrenchOne

    Man, this is just tragic… No clue what they pay in the Polish second division, but I give Adu props for continuing to scrap and chase his dream.

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  • Old School

    In an era where many Americans are struggling to find jobs or retain employment…Adu remains the beacon of hope for an entire workforce.

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    • NE Revs

      I can only assume you are reffering to the MLSsoccer.com commentor Freddy Adu (holding what I think is a soup can)


  • Helium-3

    Adu should play in Japan instead of Korea. Korea is a very intimidating place for foreigners and locals look pissed walking around. Maybe its just Seoul.

    Japan is great and its people are extremely polite and well mannered compared to those across the (Yellow) sea. Like night and day difference regarding their mentalities.


    • UclaBruinGreat

      Korean women are hotter though, just slightly (generalizing of course). Not that it matters for Adu, he’s Black. It’s tough in Southeast Asia for Black guys. The women aren’t interested at all. Special bonus points to China because the young ladies treated me like a celebrity, and would stop me to take a picture with them. Talk about having a foot in the door. 😉


  • Cravin' Frottage

    This guy is awesome. Sooner or later this party lands in the North Korean 3rd Division.


  • Grunt

    I find it unfortunate that so many people pleasure themselves by mocking others. But that’s the world we live in.


    • Old School

      Do you really find it unfortunate? It’s sports, and not life or death. The real misfortune is your feigned virtue signaling and it’s rampant existence in the world we live in.

      No one dislikes Adu personally. His career is open to praise and mockery because it’s been incredibly unique. Stop taking yourself too seriously…it’s just sports banter.


      • Grunt

        Hey, at least I am not a public figure with my life on display. Even better, my “fans” don’t know about, much less actually give a shart, about an obsessive comment section lurker (you) and your opinions of me. Whew. My public image is safe for now.

        But thanks for the personal attention.


  • Hunky Dory

    What I find unfortunate is pondering Mr. Adu’s state of mind right now. 2nd division Poland just told him no. I hope, I really hope, that young man has some friends.


    • Andy in Atlanta

      They told him no because of salaray demands not because they would not like him to play for them.

      Freddy has certain delusional salary requirements that mean he has to be assen as a promotional asset by most teams that even look his direction.


      • quozzel

        He’s basically a soccer version of a Harlem Globetrotter at this point. Entertaining, snazzy…but not an actual soccer player.

        Which is a shame, because I once saw him play an incredible 45 minutes for the Philadelphia Union, where he was all over the pitch, making plays and moves left and right…before he got sent off for collecting a second yellow for diving. But right up to then I finally saw what all the fuss was about.

        Haven’t seen that fellow since. And I was hoping.


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