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SBI USMNT Man of the Match: Jordan Morris


The U.S. Men’s National Team looked to be in danger of going a second straight match without a goal, but Jordan Morris helped keep that from happening when he converted a second-half chance for the winning streak in Friday’s 1-0 victory against Jamaica. The goal, along with his tireless work pressing defensively and making countless runs earned him SBI Man of the Match honors.

Morris delivered the match’s only goal when he worked a give-and-go with Benny Feilhaber before getting the ball on his right foot and blasting home a finish in the 59th minute.

Morris nearly finished with goals, but an impressive save from Jamaica’s Andre Blake denied him on a first-half chance.

Morris beat out Walker Zimmerman, Feilhaber and Sebastian Lletget for Man of the Match honors?

What did you think of Morris’ performance? Who was your USMNT Man of the Match?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Dennis

    I thought Zimmerman had a great game. A back is best when you do not notice him unless you are watching him. No spectacular plays just a player who did his job almost perfectly, which just what you wand from a defender. No one gets by, no need for spectacular plays.


    • Lost in Space

      Zimmerman played well, especially considering it was his first Sr. Camp and his debut.
      But he’s going to have a hard time cracking the USMNT “A” team roster consistently as we’ve got a stable of veterans in Brooks, Cameron, Besler….a handful of good utility CBs in Gonzalez, Birnbaum, Alvarado, Hedges…and a number of top quality prospects knocking on the door in CCV, EPB, & Redding. Guys like Zimmerman, Parker, & Dean are going to have a difficult time getting chances.


      • J. Thomas

        Zimmerman was exceptional in ways that our other backs are not. He is as solid as a rock back there. He’s a tough, physical, disciplined, and talented player. His distribution is underrated as well. He’s a natural leader who does the dirty work and makes sure that the ship is running soundly.

        Cameron and Brooks are exceptional in their own ways. They are similar in some as well. They both are swashbuckling types who sometimes get themselves in a bind when they freelance. Zimmerman is that steady force back there who would be an ideal complement for either one of those two in my opinion. Zimmerman would keep things calm and orderly, allowing Brooks/Cameron to make the occasional mistake (which they are both prone to do).

        I think he’s also a natural partner with Michael Bradley and maybe even his heir down the road. Zimmerman and Bradley could create a really reliable defensive spine who win the ball with intelligence, positioning, discipline, patience, awareness, and then keep the ball circulating in possession after they win the ball.

        Zimmerman is underrated. I would put money on it that if Zimmerman saw the field in the World Cup that he would be a prized transfer prospect afterward. Every coach wants that kind of player anchoring his team, linking the keeper to the defensive midfield. He’s a rare bird. He’s a massive guy who is incredibly physical, is mentally strong, hyper competitive, extremely disciplined and dedicated, great in the air, quick with his feet, has sharp defensive instinct, and has leadership traits. Dude is just flat good.


  • dama

    Frankly, other than the goal and some good high pressure from his position when Jamaica had the ball, Morris was kind of sub-par. Several heavy touches, not much going forward… looking at Opta, almost every pass of his was going back with like 2 successful take-ons.

    Seems like a lazy choice when guys like Zimmerman, Villafana and Feilhaber had much better overall matches.


  • Boob Bradley

    Dax > Bradley …. I know it has been one game against lesser competition, but Dax looks far more comfortable in his position than Bradley. He had a couple passes towards the end of his shift that went to no one, but compared to Bradley’s recent passing performances (really most performances since 2014), Dax looked far superior. Defending was on point, and he made the quick, simple passes that Bradley doesnt make. Bradley takes 5 touches to many, draws pressure, and is forced to pass back way too often. Or Bradley hits the hopeful ball over the top, usually to no one, waisting possession. I think Dax has a future with this team, competing in camps with the younger crop of defensive midfielders, as well as the Euro based players in that position. Im not sure how long it will take, but I think Bradley’s time is running out as a starter if he continues to have poor runs of form that we are all accustom to. Or not, idk.


    • Twomilerule

      So you are being serious that Dax McCarty is better then Bradley and has a future with the USMNT?
      Going forward we will see how much McCarty is called in!


      • Big Red

        That would be sad if we didn’t see Dax. He is much better than Bradley in his position. People often wonder why Klinsmann never played Bradley as DM. It’s because Bradley isn’t even an MLS best XI at DM. Dax McCarty is an MLS best XI at DM. We’ve seen Bradley for so long that people keep making excuses for his inclusion. If his name were Mascherano, then yes, you’d have an argument for him being in the lineup based on just reputation. Unfortunately, he is just plain old Michael Bradley who really hasn’t done much but hang around. Even as a sub he wasn’t effective in this game as much as McCarty who contributed to the goal.


      • Boob Bradley

        I meant in these two games. I know its a very small sample size, but going forward i would like as much competition as possible to be brought in to camps to compete for this position.


  • Dave

    MoM should be based on who has the strongest overall performance in a game, not who scores the only goal. Very nice goal, but in no way was Jordan MoM. Several other players with more consistent, influential performances during the game: Lleget, Zimmerman.

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  • Twomilerule

    Right place right time? Sequence leading to the goal was very opportunistic. I really think the initial ball going into the 18 was intended for Morris and Feilhaber popped in there. Either way the passing keeping the ball on the ground and at each players feet was great. Morris finish on his right foot was quality
    Lletget played the best unlocking pass of the night. When from midfield he made a diagnol pass to streaking Villafana’s feet on the left chalk.
    This game had few bright spots!


  • Bobb

    Morris looked horrific for most of the game, until his goal which was 90% Feilhaber.

    Lletget, Zimmerman, Villafana, Feilhaber, McCarty would all be more worthy of MOTM than Morris.


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