Report: Johannsson considering move away from Werder Bremen

Aron Johannsson’s time¬†with Werder Bremen has been far from ideal, prompting the U.S. Men’s National Team forward to reportedly consider “different options”.

According to ESPN, Johannsson could leave the Bundesliga club in the summer if his situation does not improve. The USMNT forward has made just eight appearances this season after recovering from a lengthy injury over the summer. He has not featured in any of the club’s last four games, which have seen three the team amass 10 points.

On Monday, Werder Bremen boss¬†Alexander Nouri stated that Johannsson needs to “work toward getting another chance” in training during the coming weeks.

Johannsson joined Werder Bremen in 2015 after signing a four-year deal, but the forward was immediately impacted by a hip injury that limited him to only six appearances in his debut season. In total, Johannson has made 14 appearances for the club, scoring three goals.

  • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

    In a related story, Jordan Morris chose not to go there, lead his team to a championship and isn’t riding the bench on a team in 15th place which has no chance of winning anything in his lifetime.


    • slowleftarm

      That’s great but I’m sure AJ is making a heck of a lot more money. Also Werder won the Bundesliga has recently as 2004. That may be before your lifetime began but it’s not that long ago.

      This constant whining of yours is tiresome. Some prefer a format where the best team is rewarded with a championship rather than a format that allows a mediocre team to get hot/lucky for a couple of weeks and then call themselves “champions” after a final in which they didn’t even manage a shot on goal.


      • slowleftarm

        And the second part of my comment applies equally to the Timbers “championship” team in 2015 although at least they managed to score two goals in their final.


      • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

        Whining? I just started the facts. You whined about the playoff structure, after accusing me of whining. What the heck?

        ps. the part of not winning anything in his lifetime is obviously an opinion, but I will stick with it.


    • Rob

      I agree. Pulisic should’ve stayed states side and take a shot at winning something important such as the MLS Supporters Cup Championship.
      He’s just wasting his time trying to play at the highest level possible.


      • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

        The problem with this comment is…..

        It ISNT the highest level. It is 33 points off the highest level. With close to zero pressure to win anything. Stay up. That is the bar.

        So highest level? No. BMunich is the highest level. WB are 33 points back of that. If he can get where Pulisic is 16 points back, still not the highest level obviously they are 16 points back, but then we can at least talk “highest level”.

        We have been down this path. If only Jozy can get on a PL team….any team, that would be so great. It wasn’t. It was stupid.


      • slowleftarm

        I am a RBNY season ticket holder. I love MLS and I really believe it will be a truly top league some day. But it isn’t at the level of the Bundesliga today. Werder Bremen are better than any team in MLS. And they are playing teams that are better than MLS teams on a weekly basis. It is a higher level. Not to mention that their players make more than most MLS players. And the bar at WB is not staying up. They are a bigger club than that.


      • UclaBruinGreat

        Slowleftarm, not really commenting on the conversation above, but I do want to comment on you saying, “Werder Bremen are better than any team in MLS.” You say it so matter of factly but really have no way of knowing. You are just subconsciously being influenced by the inherent “Europe is much better” bias that is out there. You might be right or you might be wrong but you have no idea. That is why I wish world soccer could be more like college sports here and have something like a Club World Tournament that is in the mold of the NCAA basketball tournament (not the lame Fifa Club World Cup) or something like the conference showdowns that conferences schedule against each other (where multiple teams from each conference play against multiple teams from another conference for bragging rights). Only then will we have some real idea.

        P.S. I guarantee you that Mexican fans don’t feel that Werder Bremen is better than every Liga MX team. They probably feel multiple teams in their league are better than Bremen. EuroSnobbery is most prevalent in the United States. And yes, I know Europe is overall better. I’m not crazy. But only certain of the teams within the top European leagues are way above MLS level, and only a few of the European Leagues are above MLS level. For example, don’t tell me that the Scandinavian leagues are way better.


      • Old School

        Rob may troll, but this comment was sarcastically accurate. Well done.


    • Joe Dirt

      Quit Whining is still cashing that MLS paycheck. Say waz up to the Don for me bro.


  • Kung Fu Kangaroos

    Come to MLS! If things don’t work out … get loaned back to Europe like Mix


  • LouisZ

    I hope he comes to MLS and ends up with Atlanta but looks like they already have their 3 DPs.


  • wychijeff

    Ya, sadly it just hasn’t worked out for him as he was derailed by injuries early in his stay there. If 40 year old Pizzaro is still the preferred first forward off the bench in front of you then it is probably time to move.


  • Gary Page

    In the last game when Werder really needed a goal they brought on the aging Pizzaro who managed to score because he was in the way of a shot. When they didn’t bring AJ on late I figured he needed to look elsewhere. Despite all the foolish talk above, he has shown he does well in the Dutch league. Maybe he could go back there, or maybe find some team in the French first division or even a good team in the English second division that has a chance to gain promotion. Although he was born here, he has spent most of his life in Europe, so it would be foolish to expect him to come to MLS unless they offered him a lot more money.


  • Dennis

    AJ like all good players thinks he should be starting. He’s not so he’s considering a move to get away from the no-nothings running the organization he is with now. Sounds pretty familiar. He has had some bad luck with injuries, but recently it seems the coach does not value him very highly. It has been a few years since he was lighting things up in Holland, he might find it tough to end up on a team as good as the one he is on now.


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