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Hamlett is NOT the Fire Coach yet


Contrary to some pretty premature reports emanating from the Midwest, Denis Hamlett has NOT been named Chicago Fire head coach. I will provide more information when it becomes available, but as of 8pm Eastern Time, the Fire still has a vacant head coaching position.


  1. Congratulations to Denis on his appointment this morning as the new head coach of the Fire!

    He has the reigns, now let’s let him take us for a great and successful ride!

  2. ChicagoSoccerGuy:
    Thanks for the insight and viewpoint. Denis may have been passed over, but he was kept on board each and every time.

    I was supporting the hiring of another coach to be honest, but I’m definitely a Denis fan. I’d like to see what a long time Fire coach would do with this team, and hopefully with some additions. Denis knows the crap this team went through during the Sarachan reign as we slid into the bottom end of the standings. He should know the pitfalls and what to avoid.

    Take the reigns Denis, use all of your passion to drive this team to success. You know what and who doesn’t work so make the right changes and let’s kick some butt!

    Besides if the little Scot was Guppy’s choice, then I already feel better about our man Denis.

    Guppy = simply horrible decision %’s.

  3. You are welcome Ted, it’s disheartening to hear people pass such judgements on a person they don’t even know.
    The one thing about Denis that I do know from conversations is he loves chicago and he loves the fire. His wife is from the burbs of Chicago, in Indiana- so I don’t think he would bail. What is horrible is the lack of respect he gets from the fans without even giving him a fair chance. Why would people want an assistant coach from another team- Denis has 3x the coaching experience in him than Spencer- seems Fire fans are on the Democratic band wagon of desiring change- without realizing what it is they have in front of them. He is a very passionate about soccer and has the knowledge- every time a new coach came in- they always wanted to keep Denis- typically a coach comes in and cleans house- why did they ALL keep Denis- it isn’t a pitty party- and it seems he isn’t high on Guppy’s respect list-it’s his knowledge of the game-the players- the league- and procedures.
    I could go on- and I am sure many of you are happy I am not.

  4. I was in favor of hiring Spencer. From what I hear Hamlett also got married recently…..I hope his wife likes Chicago and he doesn’t allow her to wear the pants in the family. I’m also wondering if Hamlett has any sick relatives in Costa Rica with friends in New York.

  5. Well, I guess he does have something on his plate. Knowing that now, he may want to reject the offers from Andell/Fire and go full time with FC Drive. I’d respect him and his co-directorship much more than if he accepts a job he was clearly passed over the last three times up.

    Thanks ChicagoSoccerGuy.

  6. What makes you think you KNOW what Hamlett has on his plate? I happen to know for a fact- he is co-director of a soccer academy/club my son attends. ( In their first year they have 22 teams- over 300 kids- not a bad start! BTW, the other director is Frank Klopas. So he doesn’t “Need” this job. I wouldn’t worry about what is on his plate.

  7. “If other, better opportunities awaited Hamlett, then choosing the fire job would seem less appealing. However, as far as I know, there was no place else to go?”

    Unfortunately that’s been his predicament the last two times he was considered for the job too.

    This guy just doesn’t seem to have much else on his plate, so I’m pretty confident he’ll accept the job, and probably get paid less than any Fire head coach to date. I sincerely hope that’s not true though.

  8. If other, better opportunities awaited Hamlett, then choosing the fire job would seem less appealing. However, as far as I know, there was no place else to go?

  9. This Spencer must be a wimp. Not to take a head coach job at low money when you can prove yourself and get a payraise or head off somewhere else. I am glad he is not coming.

  10. Well I understand the perspective of dignity and pride and all of that, but one also has to think about the man himself. Does he like Chicago? Is keeping his family settled and getting a better job on top of that more important than giving in to having his “pride hurt”?

    I think those questions are more important than boiling the personal decision down to just a matter of pride.

  11. I don’t know if I take this job if I’m Hamlett. He’s been passed over so many times already, how much can you be disrespected by your employer you’ve given 10 years of your life to before you say p*#s off.

  12. Its Luis v. Ives in the battle of the sources. Luis won last time. Does Ives know something he doesn’t or will he taste defeat to the scrappy youngster from the Windy City once again??? We’ll find out but this is the Fire so we might not find out for another few weeks.

    Cut the doom and gloom. Hamlett would be a fine choice and the crap about the Fire franchise? Puh-leeze.

    Best DP signing thus far in the league, a bunch of trophies, consistently competitive, Come down off the bridges folks everything will be just fine. Save the money for the academy, the players, and the marketing. Did you really want to break the bank for Spencer? Really?

  13. Wow . . . what a load of crap if true. The Fire just hired a guy whose been passed over 3 times and now he’s the coach.

    Nothing says “loads of confidence” like being rejected for a promotion that many times then offered the position when nobody else takes it.

    I’m sure he’s a good coach since he’s been on the sidelines for 10 long years. 10 long years and rejected for a top job 3 times in the process.

    The Fire have turned into the US Post Office of MLS clubs. “You’ve been here how long? Well, it seems like you’ve ‘earned’ a promotion Deny”.

    Wonder who the Fire will hire next?

  14. Relax Matt, Luis Arroyave is the best guy on the Fire beat and only getting better.

    I wasn’t trying to ‘diss’ anybody with this post. I’m keeping my readers informed.

  15. Come on papa bear, you and I both know the guys you’ve got covering your team are crap.

    Who will your boys hire if Hamlet turns them down? And I thought the Red Bulls were a mess.

  16. would these be the same ‘premature reporting sources’ who said Osorio was heading off to RBNY? 😉

    At this point, I wouldn’t be shocked if he did turn them down. They did everything possible to NOT hire him. Man has to have some self respect and taking a job you were passed over for 3 times is the antithesis of that.


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