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MLS Combine rosters announced

Major League Soccer has announced the rosters for the four teams that will play in this weekend’s MLS Combine in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The teams are made up of more than 60 draft prospects who will be playing in front of all of the league’s coaches and scouts ahead of the MLS Draft on Friday, Jan. 18 in Baltimore.

The teams will play matches on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday at Lockhart Stadium (matches are open to the public). The lists of teams include UCSB defender Andy Iro, who had been considering a move to Europe. Iro is expected to go in the first round. The list does not include Notre Dame forward Joseph LaPira. The former Hermann Award winner has been linked to a potential move to Europe.

The rosters announced on Tuesday did not include Generation adidas players. The list of Generation adidas signings will be revealed on Wednesday.

Also taking part in the MLS Combine will be three foreign players who will be made available in the draft. Maximiliano Damiano, Lucas Fernandez and Jonathan Sabbatini will take part in this weekend’s matches.

Here are the rosters and schedule of matches:

adidas adiPure

Brian Edwards (Wake Forest University)

Matt Allen (Creighton University)

* Sean Franklin (California State University of Northridge)

Matt Hatzke (Santa Clara University)

Shea Salinas (Furman University)

Jonathan Leathers (Furman University)

Ely Allen (University of Washington)

Eric Brunner (The Ohio State University)

George Josten (Gonzaga)

Peter Lowry (Santa Clara University)

* Pat Phelan (Wake Forest University)

Ricardo Pierre-Louis (Lee University)

Michael Videira (Duke University)

Geoff Cameron (University of Rhode Island)

Maximiliano Damiano (Argentina)

Yomby William (Old Dominion University)

Coaches: Bobby Muuss (Denver University) and Oliver Wyss (West Coast FC)

adidas adiTunit

Andrew Kartunen (Stanford University)

* Stephen King (University of Maryland)

Jonathan Sabbatini (Argentina)

Jeremy Barlow (University of Virginia)

Matthew Britner (Brown University)

Hugh Cronin (North Carolina State University)

Pavle Dundjer (University of Illinois – Chicago)

Andre Sherard (University of North Carolina)

Cesar Zambrano (University of Illinois – Chicago)

El-Hadj Cisse (North Carolina State University)

Julius James (University of Connecticut)

Sherron Manswell (Boston College)

Brandon Owens (University of California – Los Angeles)

Keith Savage (University of West Florida)

Coaches: Ed Kelly (Boston College) and Chris Apple (Rochester Jr. Rhinos)



adidas Predator PowerServe

Dominic Cervi (University of Tulsa)

Casey Latchem (The Ohio State University)

Eric Burkholder (University of Tulsa)

Mike Zaher (University of California – Los Angeles)

Adrian Chevannes (Southern Methodist University)

Lucas Fernandez (Argentina)

Kevin Forrest (University of Washington)

Joe Germanese (Duke University)

Brian Grazier (Saint Louis University)

Pat Healey (Towson University)

Kai Kasiguran (Messiah College)

Corey Sipos (University of Akron)

Dan Stratford (West Virginia University)

Rauwshan McKenzie (Michigan State University)

Andrew Jacobson (University of California – Berkeley)

David Horst (Old Dominion University);

Coaches: Greg Andrulis (George Mason University) and Victor Pastora (Kendall Soccer Coalition)

adidas Trofeo


AJ Kulp (Old Dominion University)

David Roth (Northwestern University)

Xavier Balc (The Ohio State University)

Ryan Cordeiro (University of Connecticut)

Ryan Miller (University of Notre Dame)

Luke Sassano (University of California – Berkeley)

Ben Shuleva (Southern Methodist University)

Lukasz Tumicz (University of Rhode Island)

* Julian Valentin (Wake Forest University)

David Worthen (University of North Carolina – Greensboro)

Scott Bolkan (Stanford University)

Andy Iro (University of California – Santa Barbara)

Scott Campbell (University of North Carolina)

Coaches: Tim Lenahan (Northwestern University) and Jose Fernando Hernandez (St. Louis Soccer Club)

* Players currently with the U.S. U-23 National Team. They will be available only for games on Sunday, Jan. 13.

Here is the schedule of matches for the MLS Combine (all matches played at Lockhart Stadium):

Saturday, January 12   

10:00 AM                      Predator PowerServe vs. adiTunit

12:00 PM                      adiPure vs. adidas Trofeo


Sunday, January 13      

10:00 AM                      adiTunit vs. adidas Trofeo

12:00 PM                      Predator PowerServe vs adiPure


Tuesday, January 15                

9:00 AM                        Predator PowerServe vs adidas Trofeo

10:45 AM                      adiPure vs adiTunit


  1. Any info on the Argentinian guys at the combine. If you google them you basically only get the articles with the combine roster and nothing else. Appears these guys are from no where

  2. “LOL @ the team names being adidas shoes. What clubs are Lapira looking to join? Has signaled any intention on playing for the US or is he set with his Irish decision?”

    He’s already cap-tied to Ireland, so he can’t play for the US.

  3. What’s the deal with the foreigners? Are they linked with any teams in particular or did they approach the league in general with the idea to showcase themselves to all the teams using the Combine?

  4. Is it me, or is this the worst draft in a long time? Maybe ever? I would have said that in prior years there were at least two to three very talented players that could impact a team. Maybe they will surprise me but I think this is a weak group. Maybe the younger players will make it better….let’s hope! Ives, have you ever done an article about the best/worst draft class? What do you think?

  5. Glad to see Kai K. (from tiny D3 Messiah College) got an invite. It looks like almost all the others are D1 products. Kai dominated D3. Let’s see how he does here. I suspect he’ll do very well…would love to see him make it to MLS.

  6. thanks for the update. i’m very interested in combine updates. any info on why these foreign players are being included in the super draft? i don’t recall that happening in the past. how old are they?

  7. LOL @ the team names being adidas shoes. What clubs are Lapira looking to join? Has signaled any intention on playing for the US or is he set with his Irish decision?


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