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MLS announces Generation adidas Class of 2008

Patrick Nyarko, Eric Avila and Alex Nimo are three of the marquee members of the Generation adidas class of 2008, which was announced by Major League Soccer on Thursday.

MLS named nine players as part of the new class and all nine will be eligible for the MLS Draft on January 19th in Baltimore.

Here is the list:

  • Patrick Nyarko, forward, Virginia Tech
  • Eric Avila, midfielder, UCSB
  • Alex Nimo, forward, FC Portland (high school)
  • Josh Lambo, goalkeeper, Chicago Magic (high school)
  • Tony Beltran, defender, UCLA
  • Chance Myers, defender, UCLA
  • Rob Valentino, defender, South Florida
  • Brek Shea, midfielder, Texans FC (High School)
  • Ciaran O’Brien, midfielder, UCSB

Nyarko is widely-regarded as the best player available in the draft and the likely No. 1 pick. The Virginia Tech striker is coming off a strong showing in the NCAA Tournament last month. Avila, who scored the game-winning goal in the NCAA College Cup final in 2006, is considered the best midfielder in the draft while Nimo is considered the best long-term prospect.

All nine players will take part in the MLS Combine this weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. SBI will be there to give you the rundown on the Combine so be sure to check in this weekend for the latest news.

What do you think of this group? Share your thoughts on the Generation adidas Class of 2008 below.


  1. I agree with the statements that searching for second tier Argentine and Brazilian youths should be a priority. Granted Europe is going to pull the top 100 our of Latin America every year. They can pay the millions for Pato and the rest of the best that MLS just can’t afford.

    The better Brazilian, Argentine, and Mexican clubs will get the next best 100
    Latin American players as their revenues still overshoot MLS’s. That’s ok too.

    That still leaves the next 100 best that MLS can sign. I think the 201st to 300th best players throughtout the whole of latin america are probably at least on par with the 14 MLS first round draft picks. Still plenty of value there.


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