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Is Red Bull Park already built?


Good morning folks. If you are a Red Bulls fan, and you took a quick look at the above photo, you just might be able to convince yourself that this picture was taken from the newly-completed Red Bull Park in Harrison.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. The photo is from Red Bulls training camp in Austria, where the Red Bulls got a chance to train in Wals Siezenheim Stadium, a Euro 2008 venue and home of sister club Red Bull Salzburg, on Wednesday. It might not be Red Bull Park, but you know that at least a few of the players must have looked around and thought about the possibilities of what it will be like when Red Bull Park does open in the summer (or fall) of 2009.


  1. @Posted by: kpugs | February 27, 2008 at 11:15 AM
    you are the master of the sin of omission. I doth my cap to you. Take out the inflated Beckham game and get back to me about your attendance, chief. Hell take out the Blanco game that also added about 10K to your usual number as well while you are at it.
    The dig was hilarious.

    I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say that RBNY Park will be the ‘cathedral’ of American Soccer (sounds like typical NY hyperbole to me) but the early designs do look nice. It will certainly be a vast improvement of where you are now.
    RSL & DCU’s conceptual drawings both look as good/better IMO.

  2. I wonder what the red bull attendance would have been with out the Beckman spectacle that pulled in how may? 2-3 games worth of regular redbull attendance??

  3. Pretty sure this is almost EXACTLY what RBP in Harrison will look like. I can’t wait.

    And Ives, I know you’ve said you think it’ll sell out when it opens and that if the team is good it will continue to sell out…I hope you’re right. That place will have one hell of an atmosphere if there are 25,000 people there nightly.

    Thanks to “Obviously a Fire Fan” for the pics above…a look into the future!

  4. Technically that is their logo on the seats, of course it also the sponsors logo as well since they are one and the same.

    That is one nice stadium.

  5. I’ve been to a game in the Salzburg Stadium. Its a nice place with 1.50 Euro half liter beers (one of the best parts about the experience). The game was terrible though. My brother and I were tremendously disappointed with the quality of play and felt sure that RBNY could have easily beaten either team. The problem with the Austrian Bundesliga is a lack of skillful player. All of the play is so mechanical that it becomes fairly boring after a while. Anyways, the stadium was nice (apart from no grass) and one can only hope the beer at RB Park will be as cheap…I know it won’t be as good.

  6. Wait that actually fooled people? Someone took their gullible pills this morning.

    Don’t worry rmiller, last I heard Red Bull Park will have grass.

    And, “Obviously A Fire Fan,” too much of a coward to even think about using a real name or god forbid logging in to the site: go back and check your figures. Red Bulls had higher average attendance than the Fire last year, butthole. Sure it’s by only 40 people per game, but your smug and pathetic post deserved a response.

  7. Summer or fall of 2009? Doubt it!! I am sure there will be some BS press release about some problem or other.

    After so many years, I’ll believe in Red Bull Park only when I go through the turnstile.

  8. I personally would love to see MLS stadiums with the club name (not sponsors) on the seats like in England. It would be very cool to see Red Bull, FIRE or DC United in the back when players or coaches are doing interviews. It would make the stadiums truly soccer specific!!

  9. man I’m so pumped seeing those seats…can you imagine when OUR Park is finished? It really is going to be the cathedral of american soccer.


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