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About that Barcelona friendly

As you read this morning, the Red Bulls will be playing a friendly against a high-profile European club on Aug. 7 at Giants Stadium. That opponent may not be Barcelona.

According to a source with knowledge of the negotiations, Barcelona is NOT the opponent for the Red Bulls’ first high-profile international friendly since the Barcelona friendly in 2006. Just who is the opponent? I’m trying to find that out.

Barcelona had been in discussions with the Red Bulls and appeared to have beaten out Real Madrid for the summer’s showcase soccer match at Giants Stadium, but now it appears that the Barcelona talks have stalled.

Two weeks ago, SBI reported that Real Madrid was in discussions with Red Bulls about a match that same week in August, but the reigning Spanish champions had been believed to be focusing on a West Coast tour.

Who would you like to see the Red Bulls play? Barcelona? Real Madrid? Energie Cottbus? Ergotelis?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Hey Ives I respectfully disagree with YankatOxford and others – please keep the posts coming as you deem appropriate, and if you find later on that you’ve been misinformed just post the correction. You’re the man and the occasional revised post doesn’t mean squat. Thinking it was Barca then finding out it’s not just raises the interest level for who it will be – do people get their hopes up that much 6 months in advance that it’s so horrible to have the news change?

    That said, bring on Benfica to see how RBNY measure up against a CL challenger (other picks have already been mentioned)…

  2. Ten clubs that move the needle for me:

    1. Man U
    2. Real Madrid
    3. Barcelona
    4. Arsenal
    5. AC Milan
    6. Chelsea
    7. Inter
    8. AS Roma
    9. Juventus
    10. Bayern Munich

  3. Look Ives I believe your honest about this stuff, and your readership appreciates it, but perhaps a bit more patience would be beneficial.

    This setup is unique because of the input that you allow, and the depth that you delve into the subject matter. No need to turn into some sort of first off the presses reporter- in the long run that may indeed damage your credibility (and somewhat needlessly at that).

  4. I didn’t read this morning that a high-profile Euro club was coming to Giants Stadium to play RBNY. I read that Barcelona was coming, in no uncertain terms.

    I guess we have to keep reading to be sure the facts don’t change. I will set this as my home page, so every time I open my browser I can check for the news that JCO did indeed move to RBNY for the money! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Just kidding — no cage match please. Unless neither Madrid or Barca shows up. Then we’ll have to find another way to fill up the old barn in the swamp. I’m sure we can get 75,000 SBI Mafiosi for the Furia-Ives Ultimate fighting championship.

  5. If red bull ever won any games they would not have to schedule friendlies during the season, they could play in international tournies. the friendly is dumb,just more injuries.

  6. I’d like to see them play a team I haven’t seen live yet, which rules out some of the best teams in the world.

    So I’d love to see Inter or Madrid. I’ve seen just about every other top team in “the big three” leagues live and in person, plus the likes of Bayern, Celtic, etc.

  7. How about this Ives—you let us know when it’s a fact. Now I look like an idiot to all the people I told about this. Come on man…..I could just spread rumors and claim my “multiple” sources

  8. If it’s not a huge powerhouse club, I’d prefer to see it called off, as it falls at a terrible time for the club, between two huge league matches.

  9. I heard Juventus is a possible in Montreal, so wouldnt be out of the way to go down to jerz from there. If not then I’m sure Derby would really put a$$es in the seats

  10. Cottbus would pack the joint! They appeal to that desirable demographic of 65 and older displaced DDR resident.

    It is a sad commentary when you are a team promoted to the first division and your captain leaves to remain in the second division with another team.


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