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Red Bulls Training Camp (More news and notes)

Here are a few more notes from Red Bulls training camp:

Steve Cangialosi will replace JP Della Camera as the Red Bulls play by play analyst (not sure if this was reported already, I hadn’t heard until today). Cangialosi will partner with Shep Messing on MSG broadcasts in 2008. Della Camera will join the ESPN MLS broadcast team in 2008.

Red Bull Sporting Director Jeff Agoos stated that the Red Bulls sit second behind the Chicago Fire in the discovery claim order for Lider Marmol. With communications between the Red Bulls and Fire non-existent after Juan Carlos Osorio’s departure from Chicago. It remains unclear whether the Fire even intends on making Marmol an offer, or whether Chicago will simply stand in the way of the Red Bulls signing the Paraguayan midfielder/defender.

Retired goalkeeper Ronald Waterreus has been with the team in Salzburg the past few days. He was just visiting and there are no plans for a comeback.

Red Bull Salzburg will play its postponed match against FC Wacker Tirol from Saturday on Wednesday evening.

The site for Monday’s scrimmage between the New York Red Bulls and the Red Bull Salzburg reserves has yet to be determined. The teams could wind up playing in the team’s stadium.

That’s all for now. Share your thoughts on these and any other Red Bulls notes below.


  1. It’s like Christopher Columbus “discovering” America – never mind the millions of people already there.

  2. This rule not only hurts players but should be something the MLS players Union should look into, because it can prevent players from earning a living. Chicago may have no intentions of signing the player but since a discovery claim was made it may prevent him from getting a job in the league. That was the sae thing Columbus did a couple years ago, they had no intentions of signing Jansen, but discovered him and thus prevented him from joining an interested club.

  3. This discovery claim system needs to go away. You can’t prevent teams from competing for foreign talent… If Chicago wants him they should offer him a decent contract, if not he should be able to sign with whomever he wants. If he’s kept out of the league by these stupid rules, it’s not just the player who loses, but the league and ultimately the fans as well…

  4. It’s amazing how whiny you guys are when an established rule works against the club.

    Why is he training with RB at all if they aren’t prepared to negotiate with Chicago? And, you whine about Chicago’s motives when you guys just went out and stole their coach (and caused headaches with Conde)? Gee, I guess “fair” only works one way.

    I’m sure the Fire appreciate NJ setting up a trial for him. If he does well, they’ll probably try to sign him.

  5. Actually the player is a victim. Chicago’s intention is to screw a team. And don’t even try to tell me you care about ‘the player’, you know that’s not anyone’s concern here.

  6. “What do you know, there are consequences to your actions.”

    Sonsequences like two draft picks (one of which was Patrick Nyarko, the top forward pick), and a big bag of cash? Give me a break. Chicago is just going out of their way to screw a player.

  7. I don’t get it why does the league need discovery claims??? if a player wants to sign with a club, he would’t need a discovery claim to tell him where to play, he would just sign a contract. The player should get the right to choose what team he wants to play for and other teams should interfere with his elibility to sign a with another team. Espieally if the player isn’t binded in writing by a contract with the team in the first place.

    I think this rule is just retard and it stops different teams in the league from sign quality players. I think if a player doesn’t wish to play for a team, or a team doesn’t have the salary room or any intention of aquiring this player(etc.), other teams should have no business interfering with him signing with another club. I don’t see why other teams have to stepin a take claim ownership of the player, if he has no contractually obligations to them. bottomline if a player is a “free agent”, he’s free he has the choice to sign where every he wants. I dont’t think other clubs should try to claim owership of him just because they supposely “discovered” him first.

    I don’t see the practically of this rule at all. I think it stops teams signing player they want. and can purposely be used by teams to sabotage and stop them from signing quality players. which could hurt the league all together, because by teams a holding out inorder try to extort something of value from an other team. They could stop a player from being signed. Which can cause the league lose out on a good quality player.

    what if some team (like Real Salt Lake) went and put a discoveries claim on a players like Luis Figo, Zindine Zindane, Fabio Cannavaro, Ronaldinho, Kak√°, Andriy Shevchenko, Paolo Maldini,and Alessandro Del Piero. Do think that would effect their of possibility signing with MLS. I know Beckman won’t have been happy if some team besides New York or LA put a discovery claim on him.

  8. Any rule that does more harm to the league than good should be done away with. It seems that every time we hear about a team having a discovery claim, they use it to hurt a player’s chances of playing in the league rather than use it to support the league’s growth. Therefore, logically, discovery claims should be done away with. In fact, the entire single-entity structure’s time is about up, as far as I’m concerned. It’s time for teams to make deals for themselves.

  9. I feel sure that I don’t understand the discovery system. Because if I do, it seems so harebrained that it can’t be explained as the work of conscious thought. But it’s much too long to be a typo, so I can’t explain its existence.

    I don’t see any need for discovery at all, but if it is going to exist, it should simply be the right to match another offer. If Team X has a discovery claim on Player A and Team Y makes an offer to Player A, then Team X should have two weeks to decide whether it wants to make the same or better offer. If not, Team Y would get the player.

  10. As an MLS fan and supporter of this league. I agree discovery claims are stupid.

    As a Fire fan writing to all the Energy Drink New Jersey fans who have been so smug all winter about Osorio and Conde…. …..ah ha!

    Don’t expect anybody in the Windy City to be doing your mercenary coach any favors. What do you know, there are consequences to your actions.

  11. Will miss JP but glad he is doing ESPN games. Hope Steve does well; I believe he will do well if he is allowed to concentrate on soccer.

    I don’t think teams should be allowed to use the discovery claim to block players from joining another squad if no offer is intended. Chicago passed on Lider Marmol last year, later file a discovery claim and then just stand in the way of another team signing him? This should not be allowed!

  12. the funny thing chitown dosnt want him, and the player dosnt wanna play there…. mls is retarted…. and spencer your right…. for now i i just say RBNY should discover every player chitown wants…. nad like the zurawski thing that FCD discovered him…. how can you discover a player if he is world known…. its like LAG putting a discovery tag on cristiano ronaldo, NO LAG didnt discover him he was al ready known…. these rules are stupid really….

  13. Thank god ESPN canned Dave O’Brien doing games. Della Camera is definitely and upgrade seeing as he has previously watched a game of soccer unlike O’Brien. Harkes has to be careful not to say “we” too much referring to the USMNT. And Wynalda was kind of a nut.

  14. I’ve been a fan of Metro since 1996. I understood the allocation rules in the beginning AND I understood that they existed to create parity & achieve competitive balance in the hopes of achieving financial stability. That said, with the league entering its 13th season, it’s time the training wheels came off.


  15. As someone who isn’t a supporter of the Fire or RBNY, I can say discovery is stupid.

    When is MLS going to learn that you can’t act like a monopoly when they aren’t one? This only takes talent out of the league, as opposed to putting it in.

  16. Eventually, MLS has to phase out the devices that force players who want to play in MLS to play for a particular MLS club. These include discovery claims and the draft. Hopefully, the team youth academies will eventually replace the draft.

    The draft concept works in other US sports because in those sports, the US leagues offer the highest level of competition and pay. An NBA player who doesn’t like the team that drafted him might hold out and not play at all for a short time, but he is not going to play for a team in Europe because of the level of play and the salaries.

    In soccer, most leagues in the world offer higher pay and a standard of play equal to or better than MLS, and as this offseason has shown, mid-level players who aren’t good enough for the elite European leagues can get signed in lower-tier Euro leagues like Norway. If MLS rules force a player to play for a particular club (like Ted Niziolek, the former Seton Hall player drafted by Columbus who wants to play in New Jersey if offered a developmental salary), more and more of those players will just go to another country to play professionally.

    With more expansion, we need MLS to be more player-friendly. That usually means higher salaries, but in some cases, what a player wants most is to sign with a club in a particular city or with a particular coach or teammates. If certain clubs in less cosmopolitan cities (Columbus) don’t like that, then they should compete by hiring desirable coaches and finding local kids who want to play for their hometown team.

    I don’t expect Chicago to act against their competitive interests and allow New York to sign a player for the good of the league. It is the commissioner who should be looking out for the league and trying to make the league more player-friendly, instead of just contorting the league rules to allow the Galaxy to do whatever they want.

  17. this was taken off

    “If a player was unable to come to terms during the season, the team that first filed the discovery retains the right of first refusal in the event the player is signed.”

    So i guess not..looks like marmol will unfortunately be out of work this season unless chicago signs him, or mls steps in and changes things. can chicago waive their claim though, or maybe trade it for allocation? these rules seem so inticate and arcane.

  18. Ives,

    can marmol say no to the fire and then RBNY sign him????…. because it would be retarted to make a guy to play for a team that he dose not want to go to….

  19. I don’t agree with the discovery thing. I mean you can see a player but not want to buy him, just do it to make your opponents mad. RSL wanted to sign a guy from the A-League but can’t because Colorado has a discovery claim. And it doesn’t look like Colorado will sign him. Discovery Claims must be done away with.

  20. MLS pisses me off so much, I can’t put it into words.

    A team can foce a player to waste away because they have a discovery claim on him, don’t want him, and don’t want anyone else to have him.

    This has happened so much, and yet no one in the league office has even considered it one bit. Hey, idiots, sometimes it’s better to have a player IN the league than NOT IN the league, and the fact that you allow teams to regulate that with discovery claims is a farce. I’d love to here what a British or Italian football fan might think about that.


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