A busy Wednesday morning

A busy Wednesday morning

MLS- New York Red Bulls

A busy Wednesday morning


Good morning all. Is it me or this week zooming by?

Well, today is going to be a jam-packed day between the Champions League quarterfinals today and Champions Cup semifinals tonight. I’m sure some of you are still recovering from yesterday’s thrilling Champions League quarterfinal between Liverpool and Arsenal. Today’s Manchester United-Roma match might offer similar drama.

I am off to Red Bulls practice once again but will be posting from there. For now I just wanted to go over a few things:

For those of you who didn’t notice (and how could you not?) The SBI correspondents have officially joined the fun. I posted stories on all 14 MLS teams from my new team of correspondents. If you don’t want to wade through all of the postings from yesterday you can just click on the MLS Team category on the right for the team you want to read about. Also, if you ever just want to read correspondent stories, you can click on the ‘A Supporter’s View’ category on the right as well.

Also, regarding the Red Bulls, while Juan Osorio downplayed his pursuit of Venezuelan winger Jorge Rojas, sources tell me the club is still very much interested in Rojas and is working toward trying to make a deal happen for him. The club needs to make some moves in order for it to happen, but Rojas is absolutely on the team’s radar.

Lastly, one player the Red Bulls were pursuing but have given up on is Venezuelan defender Gabriel Cichero, a young left-footed center back from Venezuelan club Deportivo Italia. His club was asking for more money than the Red Bulls could afford to pay.

That’s all for now. I’ll check back in soon from Red Bulls practice. For now, feel free to read some of the SBI correspondent pieces. The group really did a great job in week one.

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