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Angel’s injury not as serious as first thought, Echeverry sidelined


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Red Bulls striker Juan Pablo Angel saw a nerve specialist on Thursday and the prognosis was a very good one for Angel and for the Red Bulls. An analysis of the Colombian forward’s lower back and hamstring revealed that his injury is, in fact, a nerve-related injury that can be treated with a cortisone shot, and not the left hamstring strain he was first diagnosed with.

Angel has some nerve damage near the lower part of his back that caused spasms that created the feeling of a hamstring strain, but the damage, which is more a form of inflamation, will be treated with a cortisone shot, Red Bulls trainer Rick Guter said on Thursday.

Angel is unlikely to play in Sunday’s match against San Jose, but is expected to receive a cortisone shot soon and is expected to be available for the Toronto FC match next Thursday.

Echeverry sidelined with sprained knee

Colombian striker Oscar Echeverry suffered a strained right lateral collateral ligament in training on Tuesday and is expected to miss four weeks.

Echeverry’s injury, coupled with Angel’s doubtful status for Sunday, means that reserve forward Chris Megaloudis could be the first forward option off the bench, with Jozy Altidore and John Wolyniec expected to start against San Jose.


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  3. No but really, you’re not funny.

    I think Jozy and Woly are just fine up top, but of course if either one gets hurt… well, I don’t want to think about that. I’m getting really tired of seeing Angel and Jozy hurt. It would be nice to see an injury free stretch where they could play together for at least a few games.

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  7. Ives, can you get us a scoop on how Etch got hurt? Freeman’s blog said that there were some competative, hard challenges going in at practice, is this an injury related to the hard training?

    Also, is Woly prepared enough to go a full 90? Is going with Jozy alone up top an option?

  8. Does anyone remember the Dave Dir curse of 98? Dir made a comment regarding the Fire’s 12 game winning streak that year. He said something along the lines of wanting to see if the Fire could keep winning if they had to deal with injuries. This was 10 years ago so forgive me if I don’t remember it correctly. I mention this because I remembered this “curse” when Ives mentioned that the red Bulls didn’t have a lot of preseason injuries due to how Osorio conducted practice. My first thought was I hope he didn’t just jinx them. Sure enough a few days later Richards gets hurt, than Jozy gets hurt, now angel. I hope this doesn’t become known as the curse of SBI!!

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