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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Good morning folks.  A busy day of soccer is already under way but it isn’t too late to have a place to discuss the matches.

Here is today’s schedule of games (including the ones that started at 10am):

  • 10am- FSC- Fulham at Reading
  • 10am- Setanta USA- Middlesbrough at Tottenham
  • 11:30am- GolTV- Schalke 04 at Werder Bremen
  • Noon- FSC- Newcastle at Portsmouth
  • 12:15pm- Setanta USA- Watford at West Bromwich Albion
  • 2pm- GolTV- Racing de Santander at Valencia
  • 2:30pm- FSC- AC Milan at Juventus
  • 4pm- GolTV- Barcelona at Recreativo Huelva
  • 4:30pm- FSC- Chicago Fire at San Jose Earthquakes
  • 4:30pm- Setanta USA- Manchester City at Sunderland
  • 6:15pm- Setanta USA- Aston Villa at Derby County
  • 8pm- FSC- Catania at Palermo
  • 8pm- HDNet- Houston Dynamo at Kansas City Wizards
  • 8:30pm- MSG- NY Red Bulls at FC Dallas
  • 10pm- GolTV- Once Caldas at Deportivo Cali

If you are watching today’s games, and I know plenty of you are currently watching Fulham/Reading, please feel free to share your thoughts on the action in the comments section below.

Enjoy the soccer.


  1. Eric – I wouldn’t picture Ronaldinho on *that* Milan team… by the time they pack out everyone who needs to retire or change scenery, and bring in the replacements, it’ll look like a totally different team.

  2. Madness in Turin, in first half stopage time Del Piero thieves the ball in the Milan end, whips a cross in to Trezeguet, keeper spills his header and it ends up in the back of the net, 2-2 at the half.

    Serie A, I got your back this year.

  3. The ref somehow misses the attacker offsides by a full yard inside the box, and Inzaghi puts another one home. No Pato today.

    Milan 2, Juv 1, 35th

    It’s weird trying to picture Rolandinho on this Milan team.

  4. Anyone here who uses the word “we” when referring to Fulham, doesnt know the meaning of the word. Better make your choice who you’re going to “support” next season, because if they go down you certainly won’t be with “us.”

  5. Pretty bored by the Newcastle – Portsmith game so far, 0-0 at the half. Disappointing given the attacking talent on the field.

    The Taylor volley was sweet though, too bad not on target…

  6. Lowly Bolton beat West Hamm after “Jonathon Spector impeded his own goalkeeper”…..ugh

    Reading looked absolutely dreadful and is certainly in the thick of relegation. They are paying for basically not bringing in any strenth during their 2 years in the premiership. Convey didn’t make the bench again and one wonders just how long he will stay at Reading

  7. Nevland hit it hard, so I can’t say that play was bad, but it isn’t great goalkeeping for sure. The Hahnemann play I didn’t like on the replay though was Bullard’s free kick on the crossbar, he didn’t even reach for it.

    I think it’s fair to say he was off his game today, I’d want him to get to at least 1 of those 4 shots that rattled the bar or went in in the 2nd half, even if you can’t say he should’ve gotten any single shot.

  8. The only thing that sucks about this is that it looks like Reading is the only team, other than Bolton, that Fulham could finish in front of.

  9. Eh, Hahnemann could’ve made a great play, that’d be good to see since he’s one of our’s too. But Nevland hit it hard, and one-on-one with the keeper should always be the attackers advantage. I don’t think it’s fair to call it a bad play.

    Yes! And the Fulham fans go nuts, great traveling support. Fulham dominated the game, and hopefully that’s a sign of a run at staying up, not a last hurrah at the top.

  10. Is it possible that Fulham have finally come through because they felt the pressure was off? Even now it’s VERY unlikely they will stay up, but I think it was made easier for them to play well by the fact that everyone believes they are done.

  11. MK – I was hoping it wasn’t Dempsey, I didn’t like the commitment. Probably too long yes, but he pulled up on a free ball. I thought it was 21, but that’s Bullard, and it definitely wasn’t him…

    How many minutes left??? Come on Fulham/Come on Fulham/Come on Fulham


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