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Where will you be watching today’s Champions League action?

Good morning folks. Today is the first day of the Champions League quarterfinals, with Barcelona facing Schalke 04 and Manchester United taking on Roma.

Since I know a good number of you will be sneaking away from work or school to find a place to watch today’s games I wanted to know where SBI readers will be heading to watch the games. I haven’t decided on a place yet, but may decide on a place based on responses from readers.

I will post a preview of today’s games in a while, followed by a "Your Running Commentary" post closer to game time so stay tuned for those.

Now, IF you are heading to a soccer bar, let us know where you will be watching today’s matches.


  1. “DVR. Get home at 5:30 EST. Lazy boy, living room.I just bought a Wii yesterday, so I’m gonna try to balance my time accordingly the next 2 days. ” – Hilarious

    “I almost forgot to set the DVR but ended up being 5 minutes late to my first meeting with my new boss instead. ” – Even Better

    English Football rules our lives… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well that and Hot chicks.

  2. Does anyone know if its 2010 or 12 that there was talk about putting the final on a Saturday?

    Also has anyone looked up the over/under on Man U fans getting knifed while in Rome? …. crazy I talians

  3. Thanks for the notes fellas. Unfortunately there are two direct tv DVRs in other rooms of the house, so I don’t have one.

    Even more unfortunately I don’t currently have a wireless router, AND my Tivo is only connected to the phone line when I’m updating it, otherwise it is disconnected (due to the positioning of where the phone jack is).

    Add to that the fact that I am a total idiot and voila, no recorded games this afternoon. I appreciate the advice though…I’m going to figure out a way to run the phone line out of site to the jack to keep it connected at all times.

  4. Kpugs…DirecTV lets you record stuff onto your DVR from their web site! No extra fee, no extra anything. Unfortunately, I don’t have DirecTV, but just an FYI in case anybody else does and did not realize this is a feature available to you.

  5. For anyone out there in the metro Atlanta area… I’m heading to the Jocks and Jills on Holcomb Bridge Rd in Norcross. They have big screens, and since no one else is in there at this time of day, they usually put the sound on for me when I go there for CL action

  6. hey kpugs, you can set your tivo to record something if you sign in to the tivo website. the update is not imediate, but it is worth a shot.

  7. Alas, yesterday the cable guy came to install and brought an HD box instead of a DVR box. Had to switch them at the store this morning so I got my new DVR sitting here right next to me at work instead of at home taping CL!! Ugh.

  8. I’ll be watching on the big HD flatscreen in the break room of my office. God bless this wonderfully progressive company I work for.

  9. DVR. Get home at 5:30 EST. Lazy boy, living room.

    I just bought a Wii yesterday, so I’m gonna try to balance my time accordingly the next 2 days.


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