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You Write the Caption: The Best of the Sexy Football Edition

Good afternoon folks. The latest You Write the Caption contest was a good one, with Abel Xavier joining Hugo Sanchez in the YWTC Hall of Fame after becoming a repeat subject in the contest.

This week’s photo gave readers plenty to work with. Here is Abel Xavier, doing his best to be the best looking traffic cone in world soccer:


This installment of You Write the Caption is brought you by Objectivo Apparel. The winner of the caption contest will receive a free t-shirt from Objectivo Apparel. For those of you interested in buying t-shirts from Objectivo, remember that SBI readers get free shipping by simply using the promo code: IVES.

Here are the Top 10 entries submitted for this truly unforgettable picture:

10. "The moment Abel Xavier realizes there might be some adverse side affects from Anabolic steroids." (CD)

9. "This wig is just too small. I need the Valderrama wig." (Soccerroo)

8. "Trust me, Abel, when those attackers spin you around, the back of your head is going to look fierce on HDTV!" (SoulShadow)

7. "Inspired by the success of Giuseppe Franco and Sy Sperling, Abel Xavier is hired to be the spokesman for Canandian pelt trader/hair loss clinic, Hair Clubbed for Men." (J1M)

6. "Back in Portugal people used to laugh at my hair, but in los angeles they really get me." (Mutinyfan)

5. "Nothing says MLS success like the proper length mullet" (Randy Biernat)

4. "This week on ‘Queer Eye for the Completely Incompetent Defender" (Jayboy)

3. "Abel: "How do I look?" Guiseppe Franco: "Slow" (Nordy)

2. "If Beckham no love me now, he no love me ever." (Michael F)

And the No. 1 best caption submission for the Sexy Football edition of You Write the Caption goes to:

1. "I don’t know if I can get the carpet to match the drapes." (Jevanvoo)

Congratulations to Jevanvoo for the win and the free t-shirt from Objectivo Apparel.


  1. Sorry Dave, already ordered a woman’s small (as if I would take off my shirt for every guy that requests it, it’s not like I’m getting beads out of it)

  2. I would argue 2 was way funnier than 1, but I wrote it! : )

    Congrats jevanvoo.

    I now have a 7th and a 2nd.

    Next stop: T-Shirt Baby!

    Thanks, Ives, keep ’em coming.


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