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You Write the Caption: The Best of the Olympic Qualifying Streaker captions

Good afternoon everybody.

If it seems like the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying Tournament was a long time ago, it might be because you can’t remember many of the results of the games. Your mind was too busy memorizing the images of soccer streaker Tiffany May as she frolicked around Raymond James Stadium rather than the actual matches.

Just when you thought Miss May’s 15 minutes were up, I’m back for one last hurrah thanks to my extended delay in posting the winning captions that went with this photo:


                                                                         Photo by ISI Photos

Here are the 12 best captions, with the person who submitted the very best caption being awarded a free t-shirt from Objectivo Apparel (SBI readers get free shipping on T-Shirts, just use the code IVES).

12. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the new mascot for your Los Angeles Galaxy! (Artie)

11. Nobody had the heart to tell the young lady that the Mons Venus tryouts were further down the street. (SBI)

10. sam’s army just got a whole lot bigger… (HDTV)

9. Get arrested or sit around and watch these hacks try to finish? See ya." (Steve)

8. Cheap Tickets to the game $15.00, Front row tickets on the night a streaker shows up $50.00, Being the cameraman 10 feet from the streaker with a $20,000 camera that has 100 times HD optical zoom…..Priceless (Scott)

7. Shortly after this excited supporter took the field, calls of ‘Man On!’ filled the Stadium. (Justice)

6. "Is that an offside flag in your pocket." (Guillermo)

5. After this little Johnny found his calling in life: Stadium security (David)

4. What Ruud Gullit really meant by bringing "sexy football" to America… (G-Loff)

3. Don Garber: Damn! I gotta bring back the Mutiny! (David Berger)

2. For the man without $4300 to spend (Whitescandal)

And the winner of the Olympic Streaker Edition of You Write the Caption……….

1. "Someone help, I just escaped from Chuck Blazer’s house." (Sinter)

Congratulations to Sinter, who won a very close race with Whitescandal. Sinter will win a free t-shirt of his choice from SBI Sponsor Objectivo Apparel. A reminder to all SBI readers, you can get free shipping on Objectivo t-shirts by using the code IVES during your order.

And yes, I made it 12 instead of the usual Top 10 because there were that many good ones.


  1. Regarding Victor’s question about Chuck Blazer, apparently Blazer has a reputation – many will say deserved – in soccer circles for, uh, frequently being seen with young hotties.

    Given that he looks like Jerry Garcia’s fatter, older brother, it’s hard for many to assume he is getting them with his charm or good looks.

  2. I don’t get the Mons Venus reference.

    Really, I don’t.

    I have no idea what or who Mons Venus is and have never found myself folding dollar biils there lengthwise after a night of revelry in Ybor City.

  3. The LA Galaxy’s newest defensive acquisition will only raise more questions about Alexi Lalas’ personnel decisions.

  4. I bow to Berger.

    This is another cap I didnt do. So here is the belated one:


    – Breakfast Club references rule.

    btw – notice how every man in the background is smiling – including little boys.

  5. ok, really ives… you’re getting creepy with all these posts about the streaker. keep your pants on, champ, she wasn’t even naked.

  6. Only in Florida…a streaker who isn’t exactly streaking. Since when does the term “streaking” not connote a person completely naked? If someone said, “Hey, look at that girl streaking!” and I turned around to see some rather flanky dame in a bikini running around, I would have asked for my money back.

    And for looking at her, it puts me in mind of an old Oprah Winfrey joke: Oprah gets stopped at the airport and subsequently is arrested for smuggling something under her skirt. When asked what the charge was, the arresting officer reports that security checked under Miss Winfrey’s skirt to find eighty pounds of crack.

    B’dum bum.


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