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Deco shown the door: Where will he go?


The Barcelona exodus has officially begun after the struggling Spanish club released the Portuguese midfielder Deco on Thursday.

Where will he wind up? Deco expressed a desire to play in the Premier League or Serie A and let’s face it, he is a world-class central midfielder who can still dominate at the age of 30. He did have some injury issues this past season but I can’t imagine he wouldn’t be able to earn a place at a top club in Italy or England.

Might Deco reuinite with former manager Jose Mourinho when ‘The Special One’ finally ends his hiatus by taking a new job? Might Deco and Mourinho find their way to Inter Milan if Inter’s late-season collapse is completed this weekend? How about a Mourinho-Deco double at Manchester City? Could Deco wind up with the New England Revolution (I’m kidding, but it would be pretty special, wouldn’t it?)

Where do you think he might go? Share your thoughts below.


  1. I thought Deco was cut from Barca earlier in the year for partying and not training. Unless he has something to prove those activities are not going to change, so at this point I would consider him a gamble re: team morale/cohesion. Those are actually my feelings on any of the Barlacticos who will be moving on this summer.

  2. I know he’s a completely different player than Flamini but would Deco fill Arsenal’s midfield hole capably?

  3. The Revs should splash out the money to get the Portuguese man. He would be perfect for their DP player and could be the player that gets them over the hump and win a MLS Cup Final. I of course would love to get him to play for the Red Bulls, but I give up hoping for a big name player to come to the team, JPA, is about it. I do think he is going to Englad, but maybe if the Revs can offer him a deal he cant refuse, the MLS will have yet another superstar player.

  4. deco could help any team in the world right now.

    i wouldnt doubt if he goes to valencia. they’re a talented team who needs something extra to put them over the hump.

    The big 3 english teams have been gunning for youth the past couple years so i guess he’s out of their equation.

    my top 3 guesses would be:




  5. Ummm, Deco’s Brazilian…

    …has a Portuguese passport and chose to play for Portugal because he knew he couldn’t make the Brazil team.

    Arsenal suites his style best.

  6. @Natein SF – Deco’s contract was up anyway, so they may have technically released him, but really they just aren’t resigning him.

  7. wait wait, let me get this right. by releasing the player they get no transfer fee, correct?

    why would they not just sell him? i’m baffled, he could get at least 10 mm euro….or much more


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