Deco shown the door: Where will he go?

Deco shown the door: Where will he go?

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Deco shown the door: Where will he go?



The Barcelona exodus has officially begun after the struggling Spanish club released the Portuguese midfielder Deco on Thursday.

Where will he wind up? Deco expressed a desire to play in the Premier League or Serie A and let’s face it, he is a world-class central midfielder who can still dominate at the age of 30. He did have some injury issues this past season but I can’t imagine he wouldn’t be able to earn a place at a top club in Italy or England.

Might Deco reuinite with former manager Jose Mourinho when ‘The Special One’ finally ends his hiatus by taking a new job? Might Deco and Mourinho find their way to Inter Milan if Inter’s late-season collapse is completed this weekend? How about a Mourinho-Deco double at Manchester City? Could Deco wind up with the New England Revolution (I’m kidding, but it would be pretty special, wouldn’t it?)

Where do you think he might go? Share your thoughts below.

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