Let the European Transfer Window fun begin

Let the European Transfer Window fun begin

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Let the European Transfer Window fun begin



Good afternoon all. Apologies for the lack of posting today but it’s been a busy morning at the SBI compound. And no, I’m not hung over after yesterday’s thrilling Champions League final.

As we head toward the European off-season it is time to start enjoying the craziness and fantasy that comes with the summer transfer window.

How crazy?

Let’s see. We already have the Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid rumors swirling, along with AC Milan lining up offers for either Samuel Eto’o, Emmanuel Adebayor or Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard to Juventus.

You have heard many of the bigger rumors already, but the sheer volume of rumors will only grow with each passing day as we head toward July 1st.

Here are my questions to you. What rumor have you found to be the craziest? What rumors make the most sense? What rumor would you love to actually happen?

Share your thoughts on the European transfer rumor season below.

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