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Let the European Transfer Window fun begin


Good afternoon all. Apologies for the lack of posting today but it’s been a busy morning at the SBI compound. And no, I’m not hung over after yesterday’s thrilling Champions League final.

As we head toward the European off-season it is time to start enjoying the craziness and fantasy that comes with the summer transfer window.

How crazy?

Let’s see. We already have the Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid rumors swirling, along with AC Milan lining up offers for either Samuel Eto’o, Emmanuel Adebayor or Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard to Juventus.

You have heard many of the bigger rumors already, but the sheer volume of rumors will only grow with each passing day as we head toward July 1st.

Here are my questions to you. What rumor have you found to be the craziest? What rumors make the most sense? What rumor would you love to actually happen?

Share your thoughts on the European transfer rumor season below.


  1. craziest transfer rumor: Henry to the LA Galaxy because it would make absolutely no sense in terms of their needs and would make a mockery of the MLS salary cap rules

    transfer rumor most likely to happen: Henry to the LA Galaxy because it would make absolutely no sense in terms of their needs and would make a mockery of the MLS salary cap rules

    transfer I’d most like to see: Arsenal signing a left-sided midfielder that can play in their scheme but actually put a cross onto Adebayor’s head

  2. Some rumors that may or may not have too much weight…

    -Brian McBride to Colombus/Chicago

    -Mark Viduka to D.C. United

    -Kasey Keller to Seattle (MLS expansion, not USL)

    Rumors that seem apparent to happen…

    -Lampard to Milan (Inter)

    -Drogba to Milan (AC)

    -Eto’o to Tottenham

    -Ronaldhino to….stay at Barca

    Something that I could see happen because of foolish owners/managers…

    -Kaka out of Milan cause he was told he couldn’t play in Olympics; Chelsea looks more able to pry him away especially losing the two named earlier

  3. craziest: Adabayor to Milan

    most logical: Yaya Toure to Arsenal

    One I would like to see: Queresma to Arsenal and David Villa to Arsenal

  4. Would love to see Aimar and Ayala to River on loan!!

    The craziest? That LA Galaxy is competing with Seattle for Henry next year!

  5. What’s the craziest? Michael Owen to Japan.

    What would I like to see? Bradley to Newcastle, now that Barton’s in jail and no one really knows whether or not Emre will work with King Kev. I need a USMNT player on my favorite EPL team so I have someone to cheer for!

  6. Drogba to Inter or Juve

    Deco to Inter

    Essien to Barca

    Davids to Seattle

    Guardado to RBNY

    You heard em here first!

    (crazed I know)

  7. Landon can also get to wear PINK at Palermo! I see an Italian Stalion in his Future !

    Posted by: Le Diable | May 22, 2008 at 01:41 PM

    Is the stallion the one on top?

    I really can’t stand that cry bitch

  8. craziest has to be Henry to the scum (Tottenham)

    but id like to see david villa or robinho at arsenal, but not at the expense of fabregas

  9. psv already signed mexican chivas defender francisco rodriguez alongside fellow countryman carlos salcido about a week ago.

  10. Henry to LA is the new one today, which seems impossible unless Henry has decided to become a charity. But the craziest rumor given the wide assumption that it will not happen, and the one I think will come true, is that Ronaldinho will stay at Barca.

  11. Just read this:

    Deportivo La Coruna is about to sign Mexico striker Omar Bravo on a three-year contract.

    “We’re in the home straight but the deal hasn’t been concluded yet,” Deportivo spokesman Rafael Carpacho told The Associated Press on Thursday.

    Bravo, 28, would join on a free transfer after completing his contract with Mexico’s Chivas. He would team up with Mexico midfielder Andres Guardado, who joined Deportivo from Atlas last year.

    In April, Bravo became the second player in Chivas’ history to score 100 goals.

    Deportivo finished the season in ninth place after an impressive second half of the season. The team will play in the offseason Intertoto Cup, which provides the winner with a UEFA Cup berth.

  12. Craziest

    Ronaldinho to London (both Chelsea and Spurs


    Most Sense

    Drogba out of England

    What I’d Like to See

    Veloso to Spurs or Alves to Spurs

  13. Ricardo Quaresma to…somewhere. Get that dude out of Portugal.

    And as for dream transfers…all and every player known in the universe to the MLS so that the league would either A) self-destruct or B) actually resemble something that looks like good football.

  14. These players are also in talks with Arsenal: Robinho, Clement Chantome, Alberto Aquilani, Roque Santa Cruz, Hatem Ben Afra, and Fiorentina keeper Sebastien Frey.

  15. Not a rumour, but I dreamt Spurs sold Berbatov to Man Ure for 22m and then spent 25m on Ronaldinho from Barca.

    Oddly, that all seems to make some sense….

  16. UPDATE…

    Ronaldo has officially said he wants out of ManU. He said he wants to play along side Eric Brunner in Miami.

  17. I am really hoping Liverpool are able to clear out the likes of Crouch, Finnan, Pennant, Carson, and Riise for a nice turn of profit.

    We have already signed “dumb as a brick” Degen from Dortmund. I also hope we are able to seal the signings of Barry and Dossenna. If Rafa could also sign a quality attacking player like Kranjcar or Bentley that would just be great.

    I really do hope Henry ends up in the MLS sometime.

  18. Well, I’m still hungover after yesterday’s final.

    Wherever Drogba & Ronaldinho wind up will the most interesting. Can see Cannavaro out at Real. Reyes should try and rebuild his career at somewhere other than Atletico Madrid.

  19. Rumors…that Sporting Gijon are paying other Segunda Division teams off to beat their rivals so that they can be promoted ( And Real Sociedad did the same with Granada 74…

    Barca is asking for Villa and Caceres. Valencia has already hired their new coach, Unai Emery, from Almeria. I’m betting that he’s happy to get rid of Santiago Canizares — he has been named in case of child abuse. He was thinking about retirement, anyway, and his contract was already terminated.

  20. @Thomas – Glazer would use a lot of the money from Ronaldo’s sale to pay off the debt he leveraged to buy ManU. Glazer is a business man, not a football fan. All he cares about is the bottom line. The big question for Glazer is will Ronaldo playing for Utd the next 4 years make him 100 million pounds?

  21. These are all ones we’ve seen reported that would be awesome for the national team.

    Michael Bradley – Everton

    Brad Guzan – Aston Villa

    Jozy Altidore – Villareal

    Dominic Cervi – Celtic

    Carlos Bocanegra – Osasuna

    Ones I’d like to see

    Benny Feilhaber – Eredevisie

    Oguchi Onyewu – Ligue 1

  22. Kenny or Bruce?

    I would take 100 million pounds for Ronaldo. Think of how many world class players we could get with that. Benzeama from Lyon, Daniel Alves from Sevilla, and virtually any outside mid that we wanted to replace Ronaldo. I’d sacrifice him for all of that…especially because it’s pretty obvious that he loves himself far more than the club. Most people would kill to have their entire career at United, screw him if he wants to leave.

  23. Madrid never shut up about players they want. Ever. So I’ll view this as Calderon-inspired rumor like the hundreds of others he’s sparked until something actually happens.

    I highly doubt Ronaldo will leave (this summer at least) unless Madrid offer up ridiculous poundage in the area of £90 million plus.

  24. C.Ronaldo to Real Madrid – answers all three of your questions: craziest, makes sense (just because of Ronaldo’s spoken desire to play in Spain), and would like to see happen.

  25. Fulham have signed Mark Schwarzer with Keller out of contract. Wonder if he’ll retire. I also wonder if the league will give L.A. another “exception” to sign him. I also wonder if he has any interest playing in Seattle being from that general area of the country.

    I think Fulham would have re-signed him if he wanted to stay, so he’ll definitely be back in the States. Whether to plaay or retire, who knows.

  26. I know it happens all the time but explain to me how Ancelotti being quoted as saying “any one of the them would be perfect” re: Eto’o, Drogba, or Adebayor isn’t considered tapping up?

    Also, as a Gunner, Nasri intrigues me and it would be the final nail in Hleb’s departure. Still think they should bid for Yaya Toure to shore up the midfield and sign Kompany to strengthen the backline.

  27. The craziest – C. Ronaldo going to Real Madrid. Com’on? 1st year of 5 year deal..why did you sign it?

    I’d love to see Lampard at Juve. He’s pure talent and Juve would welcome the help.


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