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New England Revolution at Chivas USA: Your Running Commentary


Good afternoon folks. The lone MLS match of the day just kicked off between Chivas USA and the New England Revolution at Home Depot Center.

You can watch the match on Telefutura.

If you will be watching the match, or want to know what’s going on, please feel free to follow along here. Share your thoughts, opinions and some play by play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. Justin Brown scores!!! Galindo gets a long ball deep in front of the Revs goal move to the right to avoid Reis and crosses into the goal mouth. Some how Brown gets between two Rev defenders and pokes it pass them into the goal.

    Gameover score Revs 2 Chivas USA 1 barely.

    Mexican league playoffs upnext Atlas vs. Necaxa.

  2. Sasha K and Chivas finally had a clear chance at goal and Sasha kicks it well wide of the net. This is followed up by Paladindi kicking the crap out of Jeff L. Paladindi gets a yellow. Chivas is finally putting some pressure on the Revs goal but NE is backing it in. Ralston is sub out.

    Harris fouls Heaps while trying to receive the ball in the box. What Preki sees in Harris I just don’t know.

  3. Twellman scores in the 2nd half around the 60th minute I think. Telefutra starts the clock so its hard to tell. Revs chip the ball over the heads of Chivas midfield from the center circle. TT received it outmucleing Curtin and putting it pass Guzan. Preki might not last much longer if this keeps up. but Suarez is out, Vaughn is out, Zotinca, and Bornstein are all not playing thats the whole starting backline from last year. Razov is nearly invisible you are just not hearing his name mention at all. Again sad really sad.

  4. What a shame that would be if Twellman were seriously hurt… good to see him trotting back out on the field to give it a try

  5. For some reason none of the Telefutra games are ever pirated on the internet. Its a shame the announcers are colorful. Also during half time of their Saturday Mexican league games they do a segment called “Hot Minute” with a spanish speaking MLS player from the upcoming following Sunday game. They also do the same segment during the half time of their Sunday MLS game. Its pretty good coverage despite the fact I don’t understand or speak fluent spanish.

    Chivas looks confused to put it mildly. Mansalley scores on a break away in which ChivasUSA’s backline left Guzan out to dry. Mansalley celebrates by putting his head to the ground in Muslim tradition for thanks and prayer. Marsh follows up this score by kicking the kid in the upper thigh and drawing a yellow card.

    Guzan has had at least one really good diving save to his right flicking the ball away with his right hand.

    There is band playing music during the game, don’t know if its an actually marching band but I guess it replaces the lack of noise due to the lack of people.


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