Separated at birth: Dick Advocaat and Kevin James

Separated at birth: Dick Advocaat and Kevin James


Separated at birth: Dick Advocaat and Kevin James


Admit it, every now and then you see a soccer player or coach who just reminds you of somebody else famous. I have that happen every now and then and I want to start chronicling when that happens.

The first installment of separated at birth features Zenit St. Petersburg manager Dick Advocaat. The highly decorated coach who Claudio Reyna calls the best coach he’s ever played for got a lot of face time on TV in the past week and it struck me who he reminded me of. Here is the comparison:

Dick_advocaat_ap Kevin_james_ap

Okay, so ignore the fact that Advocaat is 60 and James is 43. There’s still a decent resemblance. It would have helped if Advocaat were smiling in his pic (or if James had a serious look and weren’t wearing enough makeup to kill a farm animal) but if you have seen Advocaat before then I’m sure you can see the resemblance.

Little known facts about both men: Advocaat played for the Chicago Sting in 1979 and 1980. Kevin James was on the same high school wrestling team as WWE star Mick Foley.

I will post segments of Separated at Birth every once in a while and if you have any suggestions for the segment, please email them to me at

If you have a better photo of Advocaat, please feel free to share it.

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