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Toulon Tournament: Ivory Coast vs. Italy (Your Running Commentary

Good afternoon folks. If you are watching today’s Toulon Tournament match between Italy and Ivory Coast, feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play by play in the comments section below. This match features two teams in the United States’ group and given the loss today by the Americans, the U.S. team will be hoping for a draw in this match.

And if you are wondering, no, Giuseppe Rossi is not playing for Italy.

Enjoy the match.


  1. Italy putting the clamps down, while still attacking. Great save by the Cd’I keeper stops it from being 3-0.

    89th now.

  2. Another Italy goal from the #10 Sebastian Giovinco. This one came off of a long free kick. First goal was a nice opportunistic finish by the same player.

  3. Goal Italy, 65th. Not sure what happened, I was on the phone for 2 mins flat, came back, and the goal had happened. Argh.

  4. Nice diggin’ – go Etats-Unis!!! French is goofy, how do you turn ‘Holland’ into ‘Pays-Bas’?

    Still 0-0 in the 52nd, no subs yet. Tight match, decently played.

  5. Ivory coast look good in the middle and up front. Backline have some serious nerves. Italy w/ better play toward the end of the 2nd half and their defense is tremendous (no surprise there).

  6. Italy gives up a soft penalty, but the keeper is up to the task. Fair is fair, great move but not really a penalty.

    0-0 30th

  7. Don’t have the full lineups but Giovinco and Pelle are playing for Italy.

    Ivory Coast looks pretty tough and I’m not sure the U.S. team will win a game in this tournament.

  8. 0-0 in the 12th, I’m only half paying attention, there is work to do around here and there is a little match at 2:30 I want to be free to watch. But some good flashes of talent on display in the early going.


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