UEFA Champions League Final: Running Commentary

UEFA Champions League Final: Running Commentary

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UEFA Champions League Final: Running Commentary



The time has finally come. Manchester United faces Chelsea in the Champions League final. Man U will be looking for a second Champions League title under Alex Ferguson while Chelsea is looking for its first Champions League trophy.

What will be the key today? Will Cristiano Ronaldo find room to work his magic? Will Didier Drogba get chances against Manchester United’s stingy defense? What role player will step up and be a star today?

My prediction? Manchester United 2, Chelsea 1.

Feel free to join the pre-game discussion here, and when the match begins, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play by play in the comments section below. I know some people won’t be able to sneak away from work to see the match, and don’t have internet feeds to watch on, so let’s make this a place those unfortunate folks can come to read about the action.

I will be in New York City today, watching the match at the Galway Hooker. Adam Spangler (This is American Soccer) and Shawn Francis (The Offside Rules) will be joining me as we discuss our plans to take over the online soccer universe (kidding).

Enjoy the match.

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