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What not to do before the Big Game

There are some rules you generally go by two days before a big championship game.

You don’t go out drinking. You get good sleep. You study your opponent.

Oh, and you don’t two-foot your teammates in practice.

Claude Makelele didn’t get the memo on that last once, as Ashley Cole painfully discovered:


What do you think of that tackle? Can you tell Ashley Cole wants to punch Makelele in the face? Share your thoughts below.


  1. It looks like a good hard play to me. A few years ago in play most refs wouldn’t have even called that a foul (having taken a few like that, believe me I know…). Besides, there’s more of a risk of injury in scrimmaging at 80% than 100%

  2. You guys are missing the real point, which is that now Grant has an excuse to keep Cole and his suckitude on the bench. The manager probably gave Makalele a pat on the back. Yes I know suckitude is not a real word.

  3. didn’t look that bad too me. these guys are professionals, they aren’t going to completely let up. unlucky is all.


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