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Introducing the Designated Players


If you have been wondering what in the world these banners were about, wonder no more. No, there is no new soccer website launching and no, I’m not merging with anybody. The logo represents the affiliation of five American soccer websites that you may or may not already know about and frequent.

The Offside Rules, This is American Soccer, The Original Winger, DuNord and Soccer By Ives are combining in an active, though informal, affiliation. Basically we’re all fans of each other’s work and believe that, together, we can help fill all the web-surfing needs of American soccer fans.

Call us the Fab Five if you will. And no, we’re not saying we’re the five best sites around, but if you make the Designated Players websites standard reading, you should always be able to satisfy your soccer fix.

To check out the Designated Players sites, just click on the banners in the left column of the site and enjoy.


  1. I’m just wondering why there was a need for a month long teaser just to add 4 links to the side of the page. I read those sites already anyways, so no harm done, seems a bit of a let down though.

  2. snooze, would of been nice to see something more from you guys… ives- some of those other sights aren’t updated that often…. dp is 90% ives… but, still has the most content for the us soccer fan…

  3. Interesting that Ives posted his affiliation notice when traffic was likely the lightest (Sunday evening)!

    These other guys (other than duNord) are definitely ridding Ives’ coattails a bit. BUT, Ives needs hits like any other web site and this is a way to get a few more fans. Ives keeps his independence which is key.

    I just wish they spent more time designing the logo.

  4. Ives are you pissed at SF for posting this before you on the offside rules? That guy is back stabbing you already. hahaha

  5. Greg,

    The only explanation for you thinking the NY Times blog is anything special is that you are Greg Lalas.

    Your brother sucks.

  6. It’s hard to write a 90+ word sentence.

    DuNord is one of the best resources around, and is worthy of being a daily read for anyone interested in American soccer.

  7. So you went and named yourselves after arguably the dumbest, most restrictive rule in professional football, the one that holds back the levees against the surging tide of a future of U.S.-based soccer dominance in favor of rank, in-network protectionism designed to thwart any notion some high-minded owners might have to build sides full of world-class superstars so that small market teams with no fan base (and the Red Bulls) can scrape out an existence based on the hope of that one of their finds might earn them a tiny slice of fat European transfer money someday. Good choice, and good luck with that. Ives, you’re still the best though.

  8. @Greg..

    Minor League?? Goff has to answer to an editor and will always put his print articles first.. Ives priority is his blog and he is his own boss.. I’m saying Ives is Major League.

  9. Are you going to join together to capture advertising $$$$? That would make sense.

    Good luck with the partnership.

    And to greg above: how about kissing the collective SBI Mafia butt?

  10. Ives- being associated with these 4 minor league blogs just makes you look even more Minor League compared to Steven Goff & the NY Times Blog

  11. great stuff ives! i’d never heard of these sites before but I try my best to be an american/canadian soccer addict.


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