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Morning Ticker: Sven introduced by Mexico, Man City hires Hughes and Argentina still No. 1


Good morning folks. Today is shaping up to be a busy, interesting and entertaining day in the soccer world. The Euros are drawing closer and today we will see the U.S. national team take on Spain, the No. 4 team in the world. I will be doing a live running commentary on the match beginning at 4pm so stay tuned for that.

For now, here are some news and notes from around the world of soccer to get your day started.

Sven says Hola

Swedish manager Sven Goran Eriksson was formally introduced as Mexico’s new manager on Tuesday, marking the official start to one of the more stranger marriages in recent memory. Will it work? Aside from Sven really not looking good in green, he is a smart coach who will have talent to work with.

He won’t have that much time to adjust. After Mexico knocks out Belize, ‘El Tri’ will be in a CONCACAF qualifying group that includes Honduras and Canada, with only two teams advancing the final round of qualifying.

Hughes named new City manager

That didn’t take long.

Manchester City have replaced fired manager Sven Goran Eriksson with Blackburn manager Mark Hughes just a day after firing Eriksson. Hughes, a former Manchester United star, leaves Blackburn after four seasons to take over a Manchester City squad that will be taking part in next season’s UEFA Cup.

Hughes is certainly one of the better young managers in the EPL but I can’t help but see this as a sign that Alex Ferguson has no plans to retire any time soon. Why else would a great prospective replacement like Hughes, a Man U legend, would take a job with Man City of all teams. I suppose that between Carlos Quieroz and Roy Keane, the succession plan is still in place at Man U.

What I do wonder is if this does anything to Brad Friedel’s desire to finish out his career at Blackburn. Will he stay there or join Hughes at City? Might this facilitate an eventual return to MLS? It’s worth considering.

Argentina still No. 1

The newest FIFA world rankings were released on Tuesday and Argentina widened its gap at the top of the rankings. England cracked the Top 10, Mexico moved up to 14th and the USA stayed steady at 21.

The biggest drop in the top 50? Serbia fell eight points to 39. Australia made the biggest climb in the Top 50, moving eight places to 35th.

Gamberini replaces Cannavaro

As most of you know by now, Italian national team captain Fabio Cannavaro is out of the Euros after tearing ankle ligaments in the team’s first practice this week. Italy coach Roberto Donadoni has replaced Cannavaro with Alessandro Gamberini, who joined the ‘Azzurri’ on Tuesday. Cannavaro had successful surgery earlier today on his ankle and is expected to be out ‘several’ months. The Real Madrid defender and World Cup hero will stay with the Italian team despite being unable to play.


  1. Ives,

    As much as I would love to see Brad between the pipes with City, I can’t see that happening while they have the up and coming English keeper Joe Hart on the team.

  2. hahahahaha @ King Snake

    I hope this is true. In the US, country>club. And I’m sure the Red Bulls offense will be fine. They have plenty of healthy, attacking players…ie Claudio Reyna

  3. If there’s any fringe/developmental MLS players that need a better paying job, the McDoanld’s across the street from my office is offering $8/hour …

  4. Villarreal doesn’t really have a place for him right now, either. Huelva’s leading scorer only had 10 goals, so that could work out.

    On a related topic (American at Villarreal)…I was flying Italy’s Alitalia this weekend and flipping through their in-flight magazine. In the back, they have a US Customs card example filled out by an American citizen. The name they used? Giuseppe Rossi. Yeah, I’m probably the only one amused by that 🙂

  5. LaMarca reputable? Are you kidding? How many times did they announce the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo by approximately 45 different teams over the past two seasons? Please, LaMarca is just as bad as any of the British tabloids, and they sell papers based on unfounded rumors.

    I’m not even saying Jozy isn’t going to depart, but use your heads people. Sure he’s 18, but he is literally at the low point of his short career and has been all season. Add that to the fact that he most likely won’t go anywhere that would see him lost on the bench, youth team, or random crappy team on loan. It would make far more sense for him to be signed by a team like Villareal and loaned back to RBNY.

    In other words, why the hell is everyone so willing to believe every single rumor they read? As if that’s actually him posting on facebook and not his agent’s assistant. Please guys, sure it could be true but have you not learned anything from the world of soccer rumors?

  6. Erik:

    “Si todo sigue según lo previsto el joven talento se curtirá la próxima temporada en el Recreativo, donde jugará cedido.”

    If everything goes according to plan the young talent will develop next season at Recreativo, where he will play on loan.

  7. i always liked sven, he got a bad deal at man city. its gonna suck pulling against him. but, its a weird fit, so i doubt it lasts much longer than 2010, even if he does win a few.

  8. “La Marca is a pretty reputable paper”

    is any european paper that publishes football rumors ‘reputable’? no.

  9. CapeCodFutbo, where does it say he will be loaned out to Recreativo Huelva. I did’nt read that in the article.

  10. Wow Sven definetly does not look good in green. Good thing he most likely will not be wearing the jersey but a suit.

  11. Ives,

    Any truth to the report coming out of Spain today that Jozy has already signed with Villareal? La Marca is a pretty reputable paper or I wouldn’t even bother asking.


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