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Chicago and Toronto strike deal for McBride Allocation


The lengthy battle between the Chicago Fire and Toronto FC for Brian McBride’s rights is over.

MLS commissioner Don Garber revealed at halftime of the MLS All-Star Game that the matter had been resolved between Toronto and Chicago, though no details of a deal were revealed. A source with knowledge of the trade discussions told SBI late on Thursday night that a deal has been agreed to, though details of the trade were unavailable.

The Chicago Tribune’s Luis Arroyave is reporting that the framework for a deal is in place, but it has not been agreed to yet.

One potential deal I heard of on Wednesday involved Toronto getting a package including Chad Barrett and either a draft pick or allocation. Toronto had been interested in Justin Mapp and Chris Rolfe, but the club’s desperate need for forward help may force Mo Johnston to accept a deal involving Barrett. I haven’t received confirmation on that being the deal, but I have heard that it was an offer that was being discussed.

As for speculation that MLS forced a trade to happen, I have not heard anything suggesting that MLS stepped in to broker a deal.

McBride is currently with the U.S. Olympic Team, which will depart for Hong Kong on Friday for a pair of Olympic tune-up matches against Ivory Coast and Cameroon. McBride could join the Chicago Fire between mid to late August, depending on how far the United States advances in the Olympics. The Americans open Olympic play on Aug. 7 against Japan.

What do you think about McBride joining the Fire? Do you think Chad Barrett could be the answer to Toronto’s problems at striker? Share your thoughts below.


  1. First off as a die hard Chicago fan.. Mcbride wasn’t worth Rolfe or Barrett. I think we are really over estimating Mcbride’s impact. I felt this actually was a fair trade. THe reality is Mcbride only has a couple years in him. INcluding the olympics! And to be honest if Rolfe or Mapp went the trade would have been lop sided in favor of Toronto so either way some one is going to get the shaft!!

  2. I guess I can’t really say if TFC got jobbed or not.

    1. Allocation spot is TFCs;

    2. McB is not going to sign with TFC;

    3. No other player is worth the allocation spot (apparently, otherwise TFC would have signed him and moved the trade value to the next team in line); and

    4. TFC received a first round pick and cash.

    It seems to me that TFC did quite a good job for something that, had McB NOT been willing to sign with MLS, would have been worth exactly NOTHING.

    If you look at the trade only, yes it does appear that Chicago got the better side of the trade, but if you look at the reality of the situation, TFC got quite a bit for something they were not going to use in the first place.

    If I am wrong, and there are people out there TFC would have used the allocation spot on, then shame on TFC, not Chicago or MLS.

  3. TFC fans…how do we know that Garber didn’t pull some back room deal and unofficaly sweeten the deal for tfc? I doubt Garber would want to fk over the league’s real flagship franchise and ruin the momentum they are building there

  4. Full disclosure – I’m a Frie fan and am happy the deal is done regardless of hwo the player is so my comments aren’t going to be on the player or who got screwed.

    As for the league stepping in. Since it was in the best interest of the league to bring another quality player in (especially if the exodus from Dallas and other places is truly on) I don’t think it is bendng the rules unless Garber told Toronto and Chicago what they would send eachother like a parent arbitrating an argument amongst their children.

    Just this weke Robert Goodell Commissioner of the NFL (easily the best sports league in North America and perhaps the world) made similar comments that Garber made to TFC and the Fire to Green Bay about dealing with the ongoing rights issues involving Brett Favre. This is a commissioners job.

    McBride indicated on Marcelo Balboa’s radio show Tuesday night that he had other options if this wasn’t resolved by the time he left with the Olympic team for Beijing. Since that is this weekend I’m guessing that Mo and Klopas always had this deadline, stared eachother down, noone blinked, then now that push came to shove made a deal. Its likely we’ll never know but the league’s only action might have been to say to get it done.

    Just a point for a moderate view on the league in this sitiuation. Whihc could be completely biased by the fact that I am getting what I wanted.

  5. Remember how Barrett essentially said the Fire didn’t need McBride and that he had proved he deserved a starting spot in Chicago? Not so good.

  6. Any trade in the MLS involving Barrett as part of the deal is not good. There are not enough critically negative words in the English language to describe how bad Chad Barrett is as a striker.

  7. “then let him retire or give us fair value, otherwise dont bitch that we dont want to trade him for less.

    God knows you wouldnt if it was up to you…”

    @ Oh sing to us, Mental Yoot

    I’ll agree that if Chad and no other player is the deal (+cash/picks), you guys are coming off worse for the deal–however that being said, I think that our side was willing to ride this out until next year as we won’t have McHead until after the Olympics anyhow. So really, If I’m not mistaken, we’ll only have him for a few matches this season. It could just honestly be that DG wanted McHead in the league so bad that he forced the hand to get it done–irrespective of what either side was willing and/or able to do. Fault, if there is any, may simply be on the side of the MLS arguing against it’s own rules–which, to be fair, would be more evidence for them to change them for future use.

    Either way, whatever the deal, we still have to come up thre at the end of the regular season anyhow–so that should be interesting. I’ll buy the first round.

  8. personally ive always liked barrett’s play… he’s got heart, he works hard, he’s the type of player coaches love to have… his only downfall is his confidence… yes he misses sitters, but its b/c of his lack of confidence…. im HOPING a change of scenery will really do him good…..

    look at Buddle, off loaded by RBNJ and Toronto(??) and now ripping it apart for LA (whether its b/c of Beckham thats not up for debate)… perhaps Barrett will go to toronto and do well…

    as a Yank, i hope he’s successful… as a Fire supporter and seeing him off to a confrence rival, i hope he succeeds, but i hope toronto still fails 😛 (barrett scores, but toronto loses)

    either way, if this is true, then the Fire made out like bandits…. a legend striker for Barrett and allocation/d.pick(s)?? ouch 😀

  9. It doesn’t get any better than this. Stupendous that we get McBride but the best news is that Barrett is gone ! Whahoo! I would have traded Barrett for a one legged Mickey Mouse.

  10. Wow,

    Chicago improved their front line while weakening KFC’s at the same time….

    Now Jaun Pablo Angel is going back to River Plate…

    This is turning out to be a great year

  11. Isnt Chad a free agent after this year?

    If KFC has trouble scoring Chad should fit right in.

    Chad can turn out to be a good player…

    but KFC fans are harsher thatn Chicago and any more damage to this kids psyche might send him to the USL

  12. bangersandmash: No, Toronto did *not* “get stronger for FREE”. They traded the top allocation on the list for Chad Barrett. They got Chad Barrett, and to get him, they spent the top allocation. If that sounds like “free” to you, I have some stuff here at my house I’d like to give you “for FREE”.

    Toronto got hosed by the league office in exactly the way we all expected in the end, in exactly the same way the league hoses anyone and everyone. Whether you think the current system (with Toronto being able to have say in this deal at all) makes sense or not, it’s the rules. Or rather, it’s the rules on paper. The real rules, of course, are whatever the league decides today. And that’s why MLS is a joke.

  13. Chad Barrett is young and will be missing the broad side of the barn forever because he’s just not that good. FIve years from now, he will still be infuriatingly bad.

  14. Chad Barrett is young and has very good upside (he won’t be missing the broad side of barns forever). This deal HAD to be done. I hope TFC gets a good draft pick and a nice allocation with this deal just to make it seem a little more even. However, how many more seasons does McBride have 1-2, 3 max? How many does Barrett have?

    I don’t think it’s possible to judge this trade until about 5 years down the road. It’s not Herschel Walker by any means but could be a mini version if the Fire send a 1st rounder and allocation as well. If TFC uses that money on a DP or something and the draft pick turns out to be a difference maker and Barrett continues to develop they’ll be beating up Chicago for years after McBride is off the field and getting treated for post traumatic stress disoreder from all the balls to the knoggin he’s taken.


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