Cooper and Toja deny transfer deals being done

Cooper and Toja deny transfer deals being done

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Cooper and Toja deny transfer deals being done



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With reports circulating about transfer deals being completed for both FC Dallas midfielder Juan Toja and forward Kenny Cooper, but MLS All-Stars denied that deals were done while a team source told SBI that multiple teams have made strong inquiries about Cooper.

Reports surfaced on Thursday citing quotes from Toja where he stated that he was set to leave for Romania on Saturday to sign a contract with Steaua Bucharest. Toja denied every saying that and clarified that no deal is in place.

“People talk a lot and I’ve tried to make it clear that while it is a great opportunity and we’re trying to get it done, nothing is certain yet,” Toja said after Thursday’s MLS All-Star Game. “The truth is nothing has happened and nothing has been signed so until something is signed then we don’t know what will happen.”

Cooper was less direct in his denial, simply stating that he was unaware of any deal being done.

"I don’t know about anything being done," Cooper said of a potential transfer to Norwegian club Rosenborg. "I tried to stay focus on this game. It’s been the highlight of my career and I just wanted to enjoy the three days in the week."

Cooper has been linked to a move to Norwegian club Rosenborg, but a source told SBI that Rosenborg is just one of three teams that have expressed interest in the All-Star striker.

Toja’s move is not a guaranteed deal either. With the current bid sitting at $700,000, the transfer could stall if FC Dallas decides the bid isn’t high enough for a young midfielder with two years left on is contract.

What do you think about Toja and Cooper possibly both leaving this summer? Do you think Rosenborg would be a good destination for Cooper? Should FC Dallas hold on to both players?

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