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Pat Phelan Update


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New England midfielder Pat Phelan is recovering from a concussion suffered during last night’s SuperLiga match between the Revolution and Pachuca (which the Revs won, 1-0, on a late Khano Smith PK).

Phelan was injured in a collision with teammate Sainey Nyassi and was knocked unconscious (that’s him pictured above), but Phelan did regain consciousness before leaving the field.

Phelan is expected to be out of action for a week, very good news considering how scary the scene was during last night’s match.


  1. Glad Pat is going to be ok…what a freak way to get knocked out! I think that’s a first for me – a short player on your own team coming up under your jaw. That must’ve been like catching a Tyson uppercut. I’m glad it was a concussion and not a spinal injury!

  2. Ives please refrain from using the term “PK”…it reminds me of all the bad american (and canadian) soccer announcers out there.

  3. At first it looked like he was fine and it was just a knock but then he went limp and I said a loud “Oh f**k” cause it didn’t look good.

    Good to hear he is ok..hope he doesn’t rush back. Concussions are tricky.

  4. Man, that is very good news. I was watching the game here in Houston and it definitely did not look good for Phelan out there.

    Seeing as how MLS players are all getting shafted by the league regarding the bonus issue in SuperLiga, if someone were to have a serious injury, that would just make the bad situation infinitely worse.

  5. Concussions are pretty scary. i’ve suffered a few while playing soccer. kinda scary waking up and not knowing why ur lying on the ground with ppl around you. Hope you can recover quickly Pat! dont rush back too quickly!

  6. Here’s to a full recovery for Pat. I got knocked out and concussed in a rugby match in college so I know how it goes. Freaked the girlfriend out.

  7. Good to hear. I was watching this game and turned the channel for a second only to find a sideline reporter talking about some incident(my espanol is not so good). Then they showed him lying on the ground and I had no clue what was going on. Happy to see that he will be OK. Head injuries are a very tricky and scary thing just ask Alecko and Gros.

  8. Boy, that’s good news — if a concussion can be considered good news. He sure looked like he was out cold as he hit the ground. The straps and the neck brace and the stretcher seemed to point to something more serious, so I’m glad to hear that they were all needed only as precautions. Thanks for the update, Ives — I couldn’t find anything on this story this morning.


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