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Arena to be introduced as LA coach today


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The Los Angeles Galaxy will introduce Bruce Arena as the team’s new head coach at a press conference scheduled for 2pm ET today.

Arena and assistant coach Dave Sarachan will take over for former Galaxy head coach Ruud Gullit, who resigned a week ago, and their first game at the Galaxy helm will be Thursday against the Chicago Fire. Cobi Jones is expected to remain on the Galaxy coaching staff.

For those of you who missed the story on Friday, Arena reached an agreement to become the Galaxy’s head coach on Friday.

Here is my Sunday column on on Arena taking over the Galaxy.

Now that Arena is set to take over, what do you think about his chances of fixing the mess made by Alexi Lalas and Ruud Gullit? Is Arena the right man for the job or will he make things worse?

Share your thoughts on Arena taking over in LA in the comments section below.


  1. I think Bruce hated being in NY because Red Bull promised things that were just not going to be available in the near future. For example, the training facilities and the stadium. This is not the case in LA so he should do well there. I still don’t understand why Red Bull Park is now scheduled to open in the Summer of 2009! That means a few months is Gints stadium again. Geez oh whiz. Let’s go Red Bull, sell more sugar water and build the stadium!

  2. I wasn’t a big fan of the hire initially, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. The main reason is that it provides the organization some stability (and we all know it needs that). The Lalas Era didn’t have any stability and was marked by horrible decision making. I won’t agree with every decision Arena makes, but at least he will create an foundation that the team can build upon. Plus with Sarachan and Cobi he will have a good coaching staff.

    Still not sure, though…is Arena the GM, too? If not who is? Will it still be Bravo?

  3. I do not understand why arena wants this job.

    I do not understand why the galaxy want him as their coach.

    The LA LA circus will continue

  4. At least Alexi LaLOSER and Ruud “I Can’t Figure Out Salary Cap” Gullit are finally shipped out. But what’s with the Galaxy getting former US MNT coaches after they get fired for a disappointing WC?

    Bob Bradley: the next head coach in 2012.

  5. Ives, I hope you’re right in your assessment, but from an LA perspective, I’ve got to cringe at this hiring. He’s been in freefall since WC02, which success was really credited to the tactical decisions by his assistants, not him. He was a great college coach, and that success spilled over early in the MLS at a time when the league was getting established. The US game has passed him by as it did Steve Sampson, and unless he’s done some serious soul searching (which his arrogance may not allow), this is another bad LA move. Tim Leiweke needs to hire a sound soccer mind as a GM and get out of the way or get lost.

  6. The Galaxy are lucky to be in the Western Conference. They need to finish in the top three of their conference. Since Arena’s taking over a team that is 1 point out of that playoff spot, they’ll qualify.

    Even with Beckham and Donovan likely absences for National team duties, they’ve still got sufficient offensive power to outscore their opponents.

    Have the Galaxy hired a new GM yet? I suspect in the long run (and the Galaxy’s contract should be 3 years + year to year options), Arena’s relationship with that GM will ultimately determine how successful he is.

  7. I’ll tell you what I find “amusing,” is how the MNT and MLS have become like the EPL and the English NT in terms of firing somebody the VERY INSTANT they don’t get the result they want. The fact of the matter is that Arena is one of the most successful U.S. soccer coaches ever. At UVA, he won 5 National titles, with DC United he won 2 MLS Cups, a CONCACAF Champions Cup, and an Interamerican cup. With the Men’s NT, he won 2 Gold Cups, and had the best record of any Men’s NT coach EVER. In 2002, he also took us deeper in any modern WC than we had ever been. While I was as disappointed as anybody with our WC showing in 2006, I’m still not convinced it was the best decision to fire him. Bradley has had success, but mainly against Mexico, and has been hit or miss against European sides, mostly miss. RBNY gave Arena all of a year and a half!! What’s up with that?! How can anybody be fired after only one season, and half of another?!

    Maybe Arena was so “amused” in NY because they stunk it up so bad. After all, it WAS amusing to watch.

    My guess is that in L.A. he will have success, IF given ample time to implement a system and obtain the types of players that fit his scheme. He should start by getting some guys who can play D. L.A.’s back line is a sieve.

  8. Gals are only 1 point out of playoffs right now. In the parity of MLS, Arena could lead them to the playoffs. The PR would be that Arena took a team out of playoff contention and made them into a playoff team.

    Of course, if LA were in the East, my money would be on them to miss the playoffs, but in the West, I think the spin doctors will have some stuff to work with when LA makes the playoffs.

  9. Nothing can be done to save the season this year. If Becks stays, we’ll see if Bruce is able to keep up with the changing times. I, personally, think he’s a “great” coach, and any junior college would benefit from his expertise.

  10. I have high hopes for Arena. LAG better make the playoffs, it would be a shame and would be the final nail in the coffin of the Beckham experiment.

  11. it will be difficult for ANY headcoach to sort out this team this season.

    But in the longer term I’m positive he can do so.

    the team lacks a decent

    defensive midfielder, goalkeeper and a centerback worthy of playing alongside Rookie of the Year candidate Sean Franklin….

  12. I’m hoping that the time off to reflect on his RbNY stint took Arena down a peg or two. He’ll get a bit of a pass for the rest of this year because they aren’t his players, but I think next season is his make-or-break season as a coach.

    I think they need to dump Ruiz and sell Donovan overseas and spread some money around to build a stronger overall team.

  13. I’m pretty sure Arena has already talked to Cobi Jones and the team. The press conference is what it is, a press conference.

    I hope Arena keeps Jones around. Cobi could become a good head coach in the near future.

  14. I hope that Arena gets over his “amused” attitude that he carried around with the Red Bulls.

    Hopefully a season on the shelf will allow him to take MLS seriously, because in NY, it appeared that he was too cool to be bothered.


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