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Brad Guzan granted UK work permit


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U.S. national team goalkeeper Brad Guzan secured his UK work permit on Friday, winning an appeal that now completes his $1.5 million transfer to Aston Villa.

The decision comes some seven months after Guzan had his work permit application rejected when he was in the midst of a then $4 million move to Villa. His appearance in most of the U.S. national team’s matches in 2008 helped him secure a percentage of appearances close enough to the necessary 75 percent to have his appeal granted.

Last year’s MLS goalkeeper of the year, Guzan has come a long way from his rookie season, when he faced barrage after barrage of shots as the starting goalkeeper for then-expansion club Chivas USA. He overcame the rough baptism to develop into one of the league’s best.

Now Guzan joins fellow American Brad Friedel on a Villa squad that should be one of the top six teams in the English Premier League this season. Currently with the U.S. Olympic team in Hong Kong, Guzan will join up with Aston Villa once the United States is finished with Olympic play later this month.

Still just 23 (he turns 24 next month), Guzan will work as Friedel’s apprentice, with a good chance of developing into the club’s starter once the 37-year-old Friedel retires (or moves to MLS).

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  1. Ives

    I was wondering about the UK work permits. With all the questions about Kenny Cooper recently I am wondering why/how younger Americans such as Frank Simek, Jonathon Spector, Kamani Hill, etc get over to the Europe as they clearly had not played close to 75% of our national teams games at time of their signings? As they were all U-21 (I believe) at time of their signing maybe their age allows them a different set of transfer rules. Could you then explain how older players such as Ryan Nelson and Jay Demerit seemed to have no problems getting permits despite their lack of national team appearences at the time of the signings.

  2. Good for Guzan- he seems to a very nice guy in the typical U.S., college graduate mold of soccer player and he has 15 years or so of quality GK years ahead of him. Being Friedel’s back up is also a lucky position to fall in to. Nice story all around.

    Good Luck and play well.

  3. Brett – yes I do, at least until the post scrolls down the page too far. I’ve posted the question exactly once before, and I never saw an answer on that post. My apologies for double posting the question.

  4. I think Cooper’s dad is English, he also once played at Man U, and Guzan will need to shave his head now that he’s in the EPL.

  5. Something like….

    “Spanning the world of soccer with an American voice – Unlike Kenny Cooper’s father who is English so Kenny doesn’t have work permit problems.”

  6. A.S- do you ever read these threads after you post?? honestly, i (and many others) have responded to your post about Cooper’s work permit question on 3 seperat threads…. his dad’s english…

  7. Too bad Guzan and Friedel are on same team. If Guzan had made the move last year, the US would’ve accounted for 25% of the starting keepers in the EPL: Howard, Friedel, Hahnemann, Keller, and Guzan. That would’ve been pretty damn cool.

    Now the best we can get is 2 right now.

  8. Jeffery, once he gets the permit, hes all good. The Olympics do not count as senior international caps. Its an U23 team. And yes, once again, Coopers father is a Brit.

  9. How many times do you thing Guzan will have to hear ‘Get in the nets Brad!’ from Martin O’Neill before he realizes its not him?

  10. Good for Brad. He never should have been denied the last time because he is a GK (only one can play at a time in competitive matches and in 2007, two Premiership keepers (Howard and Keller) started for the US ahead of him.

    I hope he learns well from Friedel so that he can continue to grow and mature for 2010 as a backup and potentially as a starter in 2014, 2018, and maybe 2022.

  11. Does this mean that the US Soccer must continue to force Guzan into the lineup in meaningless friendlies or does the work permit last for awhile? I guess he gets credit for being in the Olympics too?


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