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Clavijo resigns as Rapids head coach


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Fernando Clavijo has resigned as Colorado Rapids head coach in a move that seemed destined to happen even before the 2008 season began.

"A lot of things happened through the year that I was not happy with in many ways," Clavijo told the Denver Post. "But I think because of family now I’ve decided it’s the right time to put all my energy into my family and recharged my batteries and myself, too."

Assistant coach Gary Smith will take over as head coach for the rest of the season.

What do you think of Clavijo resigning? Did he do it a season too late? Is he really the main person to blame for Colorado’s prolonged ineptitude or does the problem go higher up?

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  1. Just FYI FC’s Brother did pass away and all my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

    FC was an awesome person but sucked as a coach. I do however, agree with the talent of the team it is at best mediocre.

  2. Finally! Agree with the above 2 posts- very likeable guy, has found some good talent, but is not a great coach. Too much inconsistency. I’d love to see Spenny here.

  3. Clavijo was a terrible coach. He is a hard guy to dislike, so I say that with hesitance. But the truth is he stayed too long.

  4. He always seem to find good talent he just couldnt get the whole team going into the same direction. I think he’ll be a good technical director.

  5. He is a super great guy if you meet him personally, and well liked here. The MLS just plain and simply is not easy…to coach that is! He was great as a player for USA many years ago and has represented himself well ever since. Buena Suerte Fernando.

  6. The problem with Colorado is they put a great new stadium in the middle of nowhere and now have no atsmosphere at any of their games. Good luck with that.

  7. I don’t think he is that bad of a coach. Colorado’s roster is mediocre as best. They are about where they should be on the table according to talent, and frankly, I don’t know of many good coaches that make lemons out of lemonade as Brant said. After all, the major coaches tend to coach major teams, and a lot of them started off that way. Mourinho’s first team was Benfica, and Rijkaard’s first was the national team (Holland). He then spent one season at Sparta Rotterdam (where he did nothing significant) and the became Barcelona’s coach.

    Most people on this board could look like a pretty good manager with Inter, Chelsea, or Barcelona’s talent.

    Wow, that’s a long tangent, but my basic point is that he is not a bad coach. He just didn’t turn water into wine…and few can do that.

    Hiddink is the only one I can think of who does.

  8. I feel sorry for the guy. He could see it coming in the Toronto game. His teams played hard. They just didn’t have much direction.

    Will he hook up with another team? Possibly. He’s an affable character who relishes the underdog role. I’m sure if he wants to get back in it, he will do his damndest (?) to emerge.

    Good luck. He showed some “stuff.”

  9. Well, since Clavijo is reported to be heading back to South America to help tend to a hospitalized family member (I think it’s a mother-in-law?) I’d say the “family” reason is legit.

    Look, he got dealt some crap teams, but good coaches make lemons out of lemonade. For all his faults, he did make the Western Conf finals two years in a row (05-06)…

  10. I also picked up on the “family issues” stock answer given by coaches and players. 🙂

    I don’t know too much about Colorado, but from what little I have read, it does seems that both the coach and front office were dysfunctional. As a Metro supporter, I can relate and hope that both can get better for the fans of Colorado.

  11. Well, just saying “it’s not all on the coach” really doesn’t add much value; of course the players bear some responsibility for the team’s inconsistency, but Clavijo’s stewardship never instilled confidence in the style of play or in the possibility of good results. The front office has done a decent job of putting together a roster with some emerging young talent, but even with the addition of Christian Gomez and Ballouchy, Clavijo never seemed able to extract the full potential of his team. It’s not Clavijo’s fault that the Rapids can’t find a forward who can deliver, but with the midfield he was given I think better was expected of the club. Aside from a couple of four goal matches against LA-The Jewel of MLS and the New Jersey Red Bulls, the team has tended to underperform, and last season progressed in much the same way. I wish Clavijo and his family well, but I won’t shed any tears about seeing him go. What about bringing in John Spencer?

  12. Can coaches stop claiming family. One of these times it is going to be about family, and that coach is going to get no respect for really stepping down for his family.

  13. In Clavijo’s case it is more the coach than anything else. He blew, blows, and will blow again wherever he is hired. But I am surprised, as I thought he would always do *just* enough to avoid the sack …


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