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D.C. United at Chicago Fire: Your Running Commentary


The Chicago Fire and D.C. United rekindle one of the most heated rivalries in MLS tonight as D.C. travels to Toyota Park to face Cuauhtemoc Blanco for the first time since his U.S. Open Cup dust-up against D.C. last month.

The match marks the debut of newly-acquired Fire forward Brian McBride, who will make his first appearance since leaving Fulham and signing with MLS. He won’t be in the starting lineup tonight, but should make his debut.

If you will be watching the match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. The difference between Herron and Mc Bride was like day and night. I was totally dumbfounded by the TV announcer that kept commending Herron on a great game. (Was I watching the same game ?) I’m sure McBride will make a world of difference in future games but what else is Hamlett doing to shock the offense ? Great talent– no results ???? Does anyone else think the shine has worn off Mr. White ?

  2. I was lucky enough to see the game live with my wife. It was crazy to see section 8 so quiet, and I didn’t know why until I read above.

    Thoughts from the game: McBride looked excellent; Mapp and Herron looked horrible; on the DC set piece goal the chicago keeper was out of position, but Fred was also unmarked. Toyata Park is a great place to see a game… Go Fire!

  3. Blanco is my drinking buddy.

    He also compared us to his fans in Mexico as garbarge. He also says that we shout insults while drunk. To be fair, He has never heard us sober while shouting insults. We do that all the time.

    By the way, Temo and I are going to Bar Chicago this Tuesday for dollar Jager bomb night. It’s his favorite night besides Five dollar buckets of beer Monday, Call your shots for a dollar Wednesday, $2.50 imported beer Thursday, Dollar PBR Friday, Buy two get one free jello shot Saturday and 5 dollar Bloody Mary Sunday.

    That’s my drinking buddy for you.

  4. Section 8 were protesting against security. That’s why they were silent. They were upset with the harassment of Latinos. However, the security firm is owned and run by Latinos. Plus, the head of the firm is Blanco’s personal body guard. It’s a strange situation.

  5. I never want to see Offside Andy Herron again. Nyarko and McBride I think will tear it up. Nyarko could well be nuevo-Altidore.

  6. anyone know what’s up w/ Section 8 tonight? if you are watching near chicago on my50 is it just the ambient mics being low? cause i’ve never heard ’em so quiet w/ the stadium so full…


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