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Toronto FC lands Carlos Ruiz from LA


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The Los Angeles Galaxy has traded Carlos Ruiz to Toronto FC, sources told SBI on Tuesday evening. Details of the deal were not available yet. To make room for Ruiz on the roster, TFC has waived French midfielder Laurent Robert.

The Galaxy’s dealing of Ruiz now clears the way for LA to sign U.S. national team midfielder/defender Eddie Lewis.

Ruiz has struggled to establish himself with the Galaxy this season after suffering a knee injury in the season opener, scoring one goal in 10 matches this season. The 28-year-old Guatamalan striker has played better in recent weeks, but has been deemed surplus to requirements in Los Angeles, where the Galaxy has forwards Edson Buddle and Alan Gordon as well as Landon Donovan, who can also play up top.

The deal could turn out to be a steal for Toronto FC, which acquires an established goal scorer for what sources are calling a bargain price. TFC will now boast a forward stable that includes Ruiz, Danny Dichio, Chad Barrett and teen standout Abdus Ibrahim.

TFC will also be hoping that Ruiz and close friend Amado Guevara can find some magic together as both players have stated a desire to play together in the past.

Toronto parted ways with Laurent Robert, who started off well with TFC but had struggled in recent months. Recently-acquired American winger Johann Smith impressed in his debut and is seen as a natural successor on the left flank.

Eddie Lewis is now expected to join the Galaxy in time for LA’s match against Chicago on Thursday. The Galaxy needed to move Ruiz’s salary off its salary cap in order to acquire Lewis. The Galaxy secured Lewis’ services after selecting him with the No. 1 spot in the MLS allocation order.

The acquisition of Lewis means the New York Red Bulls now hold the top spot in the MLS allocation order, but it doesn’t appear that the team will be adding a player through that mechanism this season.

Both Ruiz and Lewis are in Guatemala City for Wednesday night’s World Cup qualifier between the United States and Guatemala. Ruiz is expected to be in uniform for Toronto for Saturday’s match against New England.

What do you think of the deal? Who came out ahead? Did the Galaxy make a smart move by getting rid of Ruiz and adding Lewis? Did Toronto get a steal? Will Guevara and Ruiz work magic together, or will they cause problems if things don’t go well in Toronto?

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  1. i watched the game… it was nasty and very ugly on both teams after watching Mexico and Honduras who showed a skilled soccer i was upset also the rain and poor field conditions did not help.. i would like to clear the ruiz did not kick howard in the head.. watch carefuly and you will see it was in the arm but howard held his head.. the Eddie Lewis’s elbow!!! no it was a headbutt.. don’t really know where your getting the info.

  2. i belive the only reason why L.A treated ruiz was because the American National Team had a game against Guatemala yesturday August 20 (he was told this before his game)..hmmm i wonder if the only reason why they treated him so he can be upset and have a really bad game last night.. witch he did. the same thing they did to him back when he was treaded for landon donovan before having a game for his national team for qualfication to the world cup 2006..

  3. Robert’s skill wasnt the question, it was his heart. I know its hard for some people to understand if they didnt watch the TFC games, but I am a Robert fan and I dont disagree with this decision. The last 3-4 games Robert looked like he didnt care at all. He could have been frustrated because no one was finishing, but he’s a professional earning almost 400k, he should have dealt with it better.

  4. Just watched Ruiz in the MNT game and what a slim ball dirty little piece of ________. He should be banned from football (along with several other of the Guatamalean Hackers!). Ruiz kicked Tim Howard in the head purposefully. They can’t play the game so they hack away. Over 40 fouls called and two red cards. Almost took Eddie Lewis’s head off with an elbox.

    I was really happy that the USMNT poked them in the eye with a 1-0 win. Good luck in Canada Ruiz because nobody wants you on a US team.

  5. Mo is creating a very solid club. Even without Edu, they will be very dangerous. Tello and a grass field are next on the agenda.

  6. The question I have is why did the Galaxy pass on Cory Gibbs? Are his wheels that bad? They could certainly use a top-class defender…

  7. Question to knowledgeable Galaxy fans……

    Getting rid of Ruiz is great. I feel sorry for Carver if h is not getting any say in these crazy signings in Toronto.

    But is Lewis a player who can really help with what is wrong the Galaxy? I would like those who really know the franchise inside and out to give your opinion. Does Lewis make Cronin a better keeper? Does he improve the back lines positioning? Or is the problem that the midfield has been so weak that he will help by improving possession and control in midfield? I just want to understand if Lewis is the key to getting to the post season and if so how?

    Thanks in advance

  8. So Ihemelu, Hartman and Gomez became Cannon. Cannon and Albright became Ruiz. And Ruiz has become Eddie Lewis.

    Would you rather have Eddie Lewis, or Hartman, Ihemelu, Gomez and Albright?

    That’s why LA Galaxy are a mess.

  9. Chupa-

    Ruzi will take it, dont think ive seen Guevara take a penalty all year.

    Wait a minute, he did, against San Jose i think, regardless, im sure Ruiz will get the honors now

  10. The chemistry between Ruiz and Guevara will seem pretty good until Toronto gets a PK awarded when both of them are on the field. Then Ruiz and Guevara will get into handbags over who is going to take it and they will both get red carded.

    I predict that this will happen at one of TFC’s two upcoming matches v. Chivas, and that one of those two matches will also end with a Pricki and Carver punch up.

  11. Good move to get Ruiz, but Laurent Robert can still play! The Galaxy could use a guy like Robert. I guess they are dead set on Eddie Lewis. I’m surprised Ante Jazic wasn’t part of this deal.

  12. Eddie Lewis is a HUGE pick up for the Galaxy. Ruiz is fine to get rid of, but you dont have better flanks in the us with those two internationals on the roster and Lewis brings a lot of two way play and grit to a very very soft team…


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