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It’s now official, Arena in charge of Galaxy


Bruce Arena has been handed the keys to the Galaxy.

No, he’s not Luke Skywalker, just the man tasked with straightening out the Los Angeles Galaxy after being named head coach and general manager on Monday.

Arena will jump right into the task of reshaping LA into a team capable of not only reaching the playoffs, but also making a run to MLS Cup. The first order of business could be to deal Guatamalan striker Carlos Ruiz. Sources have told SBI that Ruiz could be dealt as soon as Thursday, which would be in time for the Galaxy to add Eddie Lewis after clearing at least part of Ruiz’s salary off of its cap.

I’ll ask the same question I have asked a few times already, only this time with a poll tool so we can see just what the SBI Mafia thinks of Arena’s appointment.


  1. As GM, Arenass will do a great job running the front office. Can’t wait to see what great ideas he has for marketing and sponsorship!

  2. I had said that Arena would not take the job unless he received control over all soccer operations. That what he got as President and GM. I was right about that but I was wrong to assume that Leiweke wouldn’t give anybody that much control.

    Then again, Leiweke wants to survive. If Arena doesn’t work out, Leiweke’s gone. Count on it.

    BTW, I like this hire, if only for the fact that if Leiweke tries to (deleted expletive) with Arena the way he did with Yallop, Arena will tear him limb from limb — subtly and rhetorically, of course, but tear him up nonetheless.

    I hope Leiweke tries to (deleted expletive) w/Arena. He deserves the consequences.

  3. Ives:

    You should have added a category that said “Arena will turn things around because Lalas is not making the personnel decisions.”

  4. I think he’s a better choice than Nowak. Nowak’s decisions in the olympics were highly questionable. It’ll be interesting to see how he fixes the defense. Hopefully he’ll get rid of Vagenas, Pires and Gordon and get a real defender. Maybe he’ll even give Domingues a chance. Can’t be any worse than it is now.

  5. who’s gonna be sucker to take Ruiz?


    Does it matter? No. He’s an anchor. The bad kind. Getting rid of him is all that matters.

  6. Arena wanted to coach in EPL…I guess having Beckham on his team will be the closest thing right now. I think he will do a good job and he understands MLS and american players.

  7. In related news, it has just been announced that Claudio Reyna has come out of retirement, and will be the starting Attacking Midfielder for the Losssss Angeleees GAAAAAALAXY!!!

    Haha, AEG, you silly morons. I hope you didn’t want to finish this season in anything better than last place.


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