Kenny Cooper Market Watch: Stock Rising

Kenny Cooper Market Watch: Stock Rising

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Kenny Cooper Market Watch: Stock Rising



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For those of you who missed it, Kenny Cooper kept his stock heading skyward with another two-goal performance, this time in helping FC Dallas topple Toronto FC on Sunday. The brace upped Cooper’s tally to 13, tying him for the league lead with Landon Donovan.

Cooper’s goals have FC Dallas right back in the playoff race and probably have FC Dallas owners feeling even more strongly that they won’t sell him. Would you be in a hurry to sell a striker who has accounted for almost 50 percent of your goals? (Cooper has 13 of FC Dallas’ 27).

The scoring hot streak (Cooper has seven goals in seven matches) has certainly helped Cooper’s stock and the question now is this: How much would you sell Kenny Cooper for?

If you were FC Dallas’ owners, how much would you sell him for? You make the call and share your price below.

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