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Chicago Fire at Los Angeles Galaxy: Your Running Commentary


Good evening folks. Tonight the Los Angeles Galaxy plays host to the Chicago Fire in Bruce Arena’s debut as Galaxy head coach. Apologies for the late start but I’m finally back from my trip to Guatemala and am actually about to head up to Stamford, Connecticut to get ready for the Brazil-Belgium Olympic bronze medal match.

Tonight’s Galaxy match won’t include David Beckham, Landon Donovan or Cuauhtemoc Blanco, all of which were with their respective national teams on Wednesday, but it is still a crucial match for both squads as they look to improve their playoff positioning (and in the case of the Galaxy, their playoff survival).

If you are watching tonight’s match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Just here to stick up for Adrian Healy. Thought he did a great job calling the game. It was shep that sounded uncomfortable in the booth and added next to nothing in the way of commentary. I also agree with Gregg that Adrian specifically and british play-by-play men in general let the game breath a little more. They don’t feel the need to remark on EVERY touch of the ball, like so many americans do.

    More Adrian, less Shep please.

  2. firecop- i disagree… Cronin was forced to make some spectacular saves… the fingertip, the hard drives, etc… the only reason the fire didnt win by more is b/c Cronin had the game of the season (for him)…

    i dont mind the back passes, as long as we control the game, the other team is bound to make mistakes… however, i agree with you that im sick of the long balls… i want control and buildup… just b/c we have BMB doesnt mean we need to go to his head all game…. as im sure he’ll get frustrated by it

    sorry, but i dont find a 1-0 game boring… i was on the edge of my seat the entire game, expecting LA to get some fluke goal causing us to drop 2 points… i found last nights game more exciting then the 4-0 NE blowout early in the season… i may have enjoyed seeing NE get destroyed and Fire doing so well offensively, but the 1-0 caused me to not take my eyes off the screen..

  3. I couldn’t agree more— a boring game. FIRE could have/should have won bigger but once again can’t score. What’s with all the “backpassing” and playing ” kickball”. We need a little more imagination.

    As far as the commentary- the name ” Bruce Arena” was called far more than any two players on the field. The announcing was horrible and irritating. Let’s get someone to call the game rather than focus on the coach’s. ( is this guy related to Arena ? )

  4. ManicMessiah – dull?? dunno what game you were watching… 3 early chances, including Nyarko, BMB, and King…. ontop of Rolfe’s brilliant strike that was fingertipped into the woodwork and his almost put away… the fire kept Cronin on his toes all game…

    LA had some opportunities, but they were few and far between… without LD and Beckham they looked like a shell of what they should be… but still they mustered some quality control from time to time and created decent chances….

    sorry the game wasnt 4-0, but 1-0 games tend to be the most exciting for me…

  5. Gregg – not only is our depth strong with blanco not present, but we were also missing Pappa (who started the past 2-3 games for us) and Segares…. 3 starters missing and the only bench player to get time was King, everyone else could start at any given time….

    the fire depth is crazy, we just need to get some chemestry going…. and we had some with Nyarko…. kid had some amazing passes and a quality shot on goal…. he could have been responsible for 3 early goals (1 scored and 2 assisted)…

    hope he’s alright, we looked scary with him up top….

  6. Arena had the bass mouth in full effect.

    Thorrington’s goal was well-taken, but Vanney’s failure to close in and make a tackle was weak.

    Overall, the Gals really lack talent.

    LD’s little shoulder dancing routine in the skybox was … let’s just say not going to do much for his reputation. Guess he didn’t think the camera was coming back after they cut away the first time.

    (announcer) Adrian Healy was decent.


    Dull game on the whole. Chicago got a deserved win. LA, to the surpise of no one, looked bad without Donovan and Beckham.

  8. 91st minute- The ball is headed out, Chicago with the goal kick.

    93nd minute- Yellow card to Tudela for a challenge on McBride.

  9. 90th minute- The Fire’s final sub is made as Chris Rolfe comes out for Dasan Robinson.

    Conde concedes a free kick which is feet away from the right corner flag.

  10. 83rd minute- Chicago concede a free kick about a foot away from the right sideline. Vanney put it in a dangerous position in the box, but the Fire play it out for a corner.

    The corner was also taken well, but cleared out of danger by Chicago.

  11. rolfe in w/a close call after vanney whiffs on the ball in his own box. rolfe also had an excellent chance in the 1st half but he was stonewalled by Cronin on a great save also hit the post.

  12. 76th minute- Buddle takes a shot from the top of the 18 yard box which was smothered by Busch. Not overly remarkable, but I felt the need to write something about the Galaxy offensively.

    77th minute- Greg Vanney was lax in receiving a pass from a fellow defender, which was intercepted by Rolfe but sent wide left!! It very easily could be 2-0.

    The pass to Vanney wasn’t very well thought out either, so it isn’t completely on him.

  13. 74th minute- Prideaux with a yellow card for a foul on Buddle near the halfway line. Odd foul as Buddle had pretty much stopped at that point, and Chicago was well organized defensively in their own half.

  14. Thorrington walks right up the middle of the field of a give and go with McBride and buries a shot from a couple paces outside the box…

    LAG 1-0 Fire

  15. How ridiculous is it that Chicago can take off Patrick Nyarko, move Rolfe up to forward, and put in Justin Mapp on the left? And all that without Blanco being on the game roster…. Say what you want about Houston’s depth, Chicago has some luxury replacements.

    Also, I’m loving Adrian Healey calling this game. He lets the game breath much more than any American play-by-play announcer.

  16. I can’t believe those stupid Gals injured Patrick Nyarko! On a side note, I wonder if there was something to the early concerns about Nyarko’s conditioning.

  17. 66th minute- GOAL CHICAGO!!!!!

    A giveaway within their own half, Thorrington ends up with a shot from LONG distance which beats Cronin to his left! A great goal for Thorrington puts Chicago up 1-0, and I don’t think LA will get one tonight.

  18. This was never going to be the stuff of brilliance when Becks, Blanco, and Donovan miss the match.

    Seems to me that this is a match between the league’s least balanced side and the most balanced. For their part, the Galaxy is doing well to stay in the match. You have to think, however, that the Fire’s quality will earn them at least a point.

  19. 54th minute- It has been a very clean game so far, but it looks even more so after watching the US play Guatemala last night.

    55th minute- ely allen had a free header, but hit it right at the keeper.

  20. It’s 0-0 at the half of a pretty dull game from a neutral’s perspective. Chicago had chances to go ahead, and Cronin made a couple of good saves.

    Also, Nyarko went off with an injury after having a good start to the game.


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