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Los Angeles Galaxy at New England Revolution: Your Running Commentary


Good evening folks. Bruce Arena’s traveling circus known as the LA Galaxy is at Gillette Stadium tonight to take on the New England Revolution.

If you are watching the match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. I thought it was a good game, despite some acting from players, including Hollywood Beckham. He did have a great pass to Donovan who blasted it past Reis on the breakaway.

    I wish the Revolution stadium was always filled like that. It’s unfortunate that it takes a celebrity to bring people to the games.

  2. I am not Bob Bradley basher. On balance, I think he’s been good. But games like yesterday’s lead to the inevitable question:


    Why does he leave our best scorer – Landon Donovan – out on the right with more defensive responsibilities than offensive, to boot?

  3. Dempsey needs some rest and time to analyze himself and get back into the Fulham first team. Adu is great but best for attacking midfield, same with Dempsey.

    Striking options? Kenny Cooper, EJ (needs to excell at Cardiff and gets his head together), Altidore, Davies. Not too many options i guess.

    Brian Ching and Taylor Twellman are options but they’ll be too old and best to live out their career in MLS.

  4. 10 Top Scorers right now.

    Scorer Team GP G A

    1 L. Donovan Los Angeles Galaxy 18 16 7

    2 K. Cooper FC Dallas 21 13 3

    3 E. Buddle Los Angeles Galaxy 18 12 2

    4 L. Emilio D.C. United 21 11 5

    5 J. Moreno D.C. United 20 9 8

    6 B. Ching Houston Dynamo 18 9 4

    7 J.P. Angel New York Red Bulls 14 8 2

    8 C. Barrett Chicago Fire/TFC 20 7 4

    9 A. Moreno Columbus Crew 21 7 4

    10 S. Ralston N.E. Revolution 16 6 5

  5. kevin- anything is possible…. im getting tired of the same-ol forwards who lack that scoring touch….

    Henrik- Jozy, LD, Dempsey(assuming he regains form), Adu, Cooper, Davies… what about Bernardo?? we still have a year and a half, altho i think thats ALOT to ask for a kid who has yet to make first team at Napoli, but if his growth is similar to his current growth, then its still a possiblity..

  6. Hej. Off topic but what are our choices for strikers on the national team right now and WC2010. I note Altidore (though i dont see him playing a leading role in WC qualifiers), Kenny Cooper, EJ, Ching and Charlie Davies

  7. kevin- i cant see many USMN fans actually liking what you just posted… outside a few games, the guy is a ghost on the team… altho thats not saying our current forwards are any better…. but im just hoping its not tightshirt who makes it from our MLS forwards …

  8. Hopefully with Twellman’s recent form, come off season a PNE or another Euro based 1st division team will pick him up. Could be making three times he currently makes. Moving to Europe could even get him back into the national team fold.

  9. thompson with a chance but his own teammate Smith steals it from him….you’ve got to applaud smith for wanting to go to goal, but to steal from your own teammate??

    while typing, thompson had a great chance but just puts it wide

  10. good thing i didnt change yet…. joseph with some amazing touches to get open and puts it passed LA’s backup… not a good look, but you cant really blame the guy…

  11. vanny is falling into that milking type of player i was refering to earlier…. funny how they are always fine after a second of play (once they get up)

  12. beckham is starting to act like most superstars do by falling at the smallest of touches and holding his hands in the air when the foul doesnt go his way….

  13. LA doing well to keep the Revs front runners out of the game…. kind of surprised, but i think LA’s defense is keeping them in the game

  14. 16 goals for Donovan….

    im hoping Cooper gets a brace to at least stay up top with him in the golden boot… not to mention they’d be against the Crew which id love to see drop points as well…

  15. revs defense sleeping, and landycakes makes a nice run through to receive a copy cat version of his first goal, except on his right this time…

    LA UP!!!!

  16. the announcer made an obvious yet correct statement, despite being heavily favored to LA…. he stated the eastern conference is stronger and will probably have 5 teams in the playoffs….

  17. uggg, i hate it when players milk fouls…

    vagenas (sp??) was fouled, but he spent so much time on the ground… he EASILY couldve gotten up and still pushed on… Smith waited 5 (or more) seconds and went to get the ball and finally the foul called… just get up and play the game :-/

  18. hoyanick – the crowd looks good…. if NE could get that crowd all the time i would think their home field adv. would DRASTICALLY improve….

  19. uggg, i cant tell you how much i hate the announcers… they are incredibly biased towards the team they announce for… its quite silly

    Lewis’s kick (while on the ground) on Thompson, where Thompson returned the favor with a kick to the nuts… both yellows and the announcers were baffled why Lewis got the card…

    and lets not forget they keep calling players by the wrong names when its obvious how poorly they are wrong… kind of like taladega nights where the guy goes into the crowd and claims the person he’s interviewing is clearly not the celebrity he thinks…

    BUT on good news, Revs are tied… hoping LA wins so NE drops the points… but ill accept 2 points dropped


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