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Men’s Olympic Final: Argentina vs. Nigeria (Your Running Commentary)

Good evening folks. If you are a die-hard soccer fan getting ready to pass up a Friday night on the town for a Friday night of great soccer, this is the place to be.

Argentina will look to repeat as Olympic champion today when it takes on Nigeria in the Men’s Olympic Final. The game is airing on CNBC and Telemundo, but you can also watch it at the NBC Olympic Website, where you can also get my running commentary on the match.

If you will be watching the match then please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. Di Maria- nice player but a typical Argentine lay about punk like Gago etc.

    They should learn how much more they would score and Argentina would benefit if they just stayed on their feet and quit card hunting/begging all the time.

    Argentina- total class in talent, organization and style of play but no class whatsoever in player deportment.

  2. This hurts to watch. Nigeria is crap and the Argentine defense is nonexistent. The US actually had a decent shot at winning the gold this year.

  3. Yeah, struggled to get going even in the youth ranks with DC and NY. My team ran into one of his groups at a tournament a few years ago and I could see why he didn’t catch on.

  4. Nigeria are just dominating, but can’t seem to find a goal. Argentina look flat, except for this little runty guy running around all over the pitch. No. 15. Anyone know who he is?

  5. At least there haven’t been mid-game commercial breaks in this one. We missed a goal earlier in the tournament for one!

    I think it’s pretty clear why Balboa is one of the only nats from his era not making a name for himself in the coaching mix…

  6. @ Mighty

    That’s right . . . a TIME OUT. Soccer is becoming “AMERICANIZED”.

    Next, we’ll have commercial time-outs. We’ll rule the world!!!!!!


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