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Olympics: Men’s soccer quarterfinals (Your Running Commentary)

Good morning folks. The Olympic men’s soccer quarterfinals kick off today with four quality match-ups. the games have taken place or are taking place this morning, but since they aren’t being shown live I am not posting results until later today.

Here are today’s match-ups:

  • Brazil vs. Cameroon
  • Belgium vs. Italy
  • Nigeria vs. Ivory Coast
  • Argentina vs. Netherlands

For now, if you can watch the games, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play on the quarterfinals in the comments section below.

Enjoy the matches.



  1. Did anyone see the Belgish player hit the Italian keeper in the face with the ball? That was classic. I laughed for a good 5 minutes as they kept replaying that.

  2. Moussa Dembele and the Belgians did what the US couldn’t — comeback from a 1-0 deficit with ten guys and win 3-2! (what is it with all the red cards at these games anyway?). Exciting games all around in the quarter finals despite some pretty awful officiating (maybe the judges from the Boxing tournament were moonlighting) — but you have to expect that when they even end up using an MLS ref in one of the matches!

  3. Tot ziens Netherlands. Your arrogance and disrespect towards Japan and the U.S. (who both outplayed your orange asses) was completely foolish. Glad to see the Argies put you in your place. You were gifted into the quarters. Glad to see you gone.

  4. Did I hear right? Marrufo is reffing?! Oh no. I should have known.

    Romero is perfectly capable of replacing Ustari by the way, so I wouldnt fret about Ustari’s absence (hope he is ok though).

  5. Also starting line ups for EPL etc in. Of note: Dempsey on bench and Johnson not named for Fulham. Convey starting again for Reading and the American goalies all going strong.

  6. What would an Ives post be without an update on our own Giuseppe Rossi who has scored twice so far for Italy. Also, Messi’s goal amazing….


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