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SBI Fantasy EPL League Ready to go


Attention all you so-called EPL experts. The invitations for the SBI fantasy EPL league have been sent out and we are ready to go. As of right now we have 160 teams ready to do battle for the title, with more welcome before tonight’s midnight deadline.

If you haven’t received an invitation yet, or if you’re interested in joining and are late to hear about the league, just send an email to with EPL Fantasy in the subject heading by midnight tonight and I will send you an invitation.

While you wait for that you can still go to the Fantasy Premier League website and register, as well as build your team. You will then be added to the SBI league once you receive the invitation via email and join the league through the email.

That’s all for now. Be sure to get your lineups ready because the season is ready to kick off.


  1. I haven’t received an invite yet either. Am I too late or is Ives just waiting until midnight to send out the last batch of emails I wonder…

  2. The “I Know the Score” mini-league is where you pick the scores of each game every week and see whose predictions are the best. it is a separate game from the other league we are doing.

  3. ——–d.berbatov—-a.alves———

    s.downing–L. modric–M. arteta–A. young


    ———–j. Jaaskelainen————-

    subs: Schwarzer, m.richards, g. johnson, d. ashton

  4. what’s this mini league all about? how does it differ from the one we joined w/ives?

    “the blue knights going down, down down down” and by blue knight, i mean all the other 159 teams! 🙂 although i think all the pundits have me ranked an average of 158 in the pre season power rankings (this is fantasy, right?!).

  5. I also created an “I Know the Score” mini-league if anybody wants to also play along with their prediction league. I called it the “Unoffical SBI IKTS.” (Sorry for using “SBI” in the title Ives…if you’d like me to change the name and take “SBI” out of the title I will gladly take it out. Just let me know)

    The code to get in is: FAE58-UGY.

    Good luck.


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