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SuperLiga Final: Houston Dynamo vs. New England Revolution (Your Running Commentary)


The battle between MLS and the Mexican league is over and two MLS teams are left standing. New England and Houston have vanquished their Mexican counterparts and are now set to square off in a final that won’t be of much interest to fans outside of MLS.

Call it MLS Cup 12 1/2.

You have already heard about how the Revs and Dynamo are set to split the winner’s share for the final as a show of support for what they feel are meager winnings, and you may have heard about MLS commissioner Don Garber all but threatening the teams with punishment if they did just that. While that gets sorted out we should remember that a trophy is, in fact, on the line and I doubt either team is forgetting that fact.

You know the routine. If you will be watching tonight’s match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. Was at the game last night, & it was the best atmosphere I’ve seen yet at Gillette Stadium (I’m new to the area, so this was about my fifth game of the year, first for Superliga – and missed the Brazil doubleheader). The crowd was far more energetic than I’d seen before, and big kudos to the Texas fans who came all the way. The ref seemed to blow a few calls for both teams (I had no tv/online commentary), but that’s the game. We definitely missed Heaps & Parkhurst, that was very obvious. Overall, I thought the Dynamo outplayed us just a bit – 52-48, something like that, but not so dramatically that the win in PKs felt lucky.


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