TGIF: The day ahead on SBI

TGIF: The day ahead on SBI


TGIF: The day ahead on SBI


Good morning folks. I have two words for you as Friday begins at SBI:

Sleep Deprivation.

Combine covering early morning Olympic games with a mid-week trip to Guatemala and you get a week where 11 hours of sleep has to be enough (I don’t count the seven or eight sleep hours on the four flights I took this week because, let’s face it, sleeping on planes is terrible).

So why do I love these kind of sleep-deprived stretches? I love them because it means there are events to cover and plenty to talk about in the soccer world. How can you sleep when the Olympic gold medal match looms, and when the weekend’s European soccer slate offers so many great match-ups?

So what can you expect on SBI today? I have some MLS trade talk, the return of the Weekend soccer on TV feature, some Supporter’s Views from last week and maybe even some answers from the recent Q&A.

For now, I know many of you are still discussing the USA-Guatemala match. We had the poll last night on what you thought about the match, now I want to do a poll on a topic I know many of you are concerned about, the poor performances of some of the U.S. team’s top players.

With this in mind, here is the question. Which poor indivual performance vs. Guatemala has you the most concerned going forward?

Check back in later for more updates and feel free to share your thoughts on any of today’s soccer news, or the pool question, in the comments section below.

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