The latest on the Galaxy mess

The latest on the Galaxy mess

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The latest on the Galaxy mess



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You knew things were bad in Los Angeles Galaxy land after Sunday’s loss to San Jose. Now, we have some insight into just how bad things have been.’s Jonah Freedman has uncovered some juicy background on the state of the Galaxy, AEG president and CEO Tim Lieweke visited the Galaxy locker room last week and issued an ultimatum that if the team didn’t straighten things out that there would be "dire consequences."

Well, with a loss to last-place San Jose on Sunday, and a showdown with arch-rival Chivas USA in two weeks, you have to wonder if Lieweke is going to do something now or wait to see what happens against the Goats.

Freedman cited an L.A. Daily news article that revealed, among other things, that Gullit and Lalas are not getting along. Funny, haven’t we heard that somewhere else before?

I asked it last night, and I’ll ask it again. Who, if anybody, should be sent packing in LA? I’ve never been a fan of mid-season shake-ups, particularly when it comes to coaches, but given the constant rumors of AEG’s unhappiness with the Galaxy, you can’t help but feel that something will happen this month unless LA starts winning some games.

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